Prevarication Du Jour

ffr201310031522ZIt would seem that Bill Schmalfeldt thinks he knows what I know about the truthfulness of @antvq16’s tweet, and it seems that he thinks I know it to be false.

I know no such thing.

Indeed, I have seen many tweets and posts from the Cabin Boy in which he asserts that someone is running some sort of scam, but I’ve never seen him offer any concrete evidence of such behavior. Innuendo, yes. Shoddy guess work, yes. Proof, never.

Moreover, I have been the object of such a false charge from the Cabin Boy, and I am personally aware of several other such victims. Thus,

Schmalfeldt asserting people involved in “moneymaking scam” with no proof.

is something I know from personal experience to be true.

Another lie.

5 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. That seems pretty blatant of the Cabin Boy. He is the one that keeps bringing up “libel per se” right? Does he know that if you could be bothered to do it he could be sued?

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