I like that term—barrycade—the unnecessary fencing and such put up around public and, in some cases, private spaces because the White House wants to maximize the inconvenience to citizens during the government shutdown.

It seems to me that someone interested in doing a good job of governing would be bending over backward to find ways to minimize the public’s inconvenience.

Barrycade. The terms really ought to go down in the books with Hooverville.

9 thoughts on “Barrycades

  1. Oh, the drama diva is going on about cancelling cancer research. First, I don’t know why Harry Reid doesn’t care about kids with cancer, even though he seems to care about kids who get shot. Second, I used to do cancer research with NIH. No kid is going to die, because research takes decades. DECADES. No kid is going to die, because as I personally witnessed in previous shutdowns, the researchers go to work anyway, paid or not.

    • What is particularly egregious about the entire cancer research nonsense is that both the democrats and BS, as a PD patient, know that research takes years. They know better. There is no instance of a promising treatment for anything being rushed to the masses without years of clinical trials and volunteer guinea pigs e.g., DPS. Sick kids who are part of those trials continue to get care. BS deliberately ignores the fact that there was absolutely no need to close down open air memorials that have never been staffed 24/7, and which have never before been blockaded during a shutdown. And he prattles on about ethics.

    • Why do democrats like Obama and Harry Reid hate kids with cancer? Ashleigh Banfield, of that RW bastion, MSNBC (/sarc), starts her program by informing her viewers that democrats, not republicans, are refusing to fund NIH. Will “journalist” BS correct the record?

  2. How does anyone who calls himself human harass the family of a dead child? How does anyone who calls himself human threaten to take away a mother’s children if she refuses to cooperate on a story? How does anyone who calls himself human mislead about a photo thereby suggesting that his brother, not he, is a “tard”? How does anyone who calls himself human associate name as friend a convicted, not alleged, bomber and perjurer?

  3. I would really, really love it if this did become a thing. Because it’s Washington Monument Syndrome all over again- not only do dems want 100% of things their way, they want the public to suffer en-masse as the shutdown continues. Then they get pissed off when republicans break the law to do what they feel is right (forcing open the WWII memorial) even as they honor people who did the same thing (civil disobedience)- albeit in a more hostile environment- fifty years or so ago.

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