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  1. This reeks of obstruction of justice, witness tampering and extortion. Bill Schmalfeldt is under a peace order because he harassed you. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t like the fact that you have a peace order against him. To further harass you he has filed a series of frivolous appeals, and DMCA takedown notices, Because his appeals cannot stand on their merits his only hope of having the peace order lifted is for you to not show up at the hearing. He is trying to suggest to you that if you do attend the hearing you will be arrested.

    To be arrest requires that one commit a crime. Answering an appeal simply is not a crime. This begs the question of what crime for which are you to be arrested? If Bill Schmalfeldt has some knowledge that you have committed a crime then by all means he should do his civil duty and report you. If for some reason he doesn’t want to come forward then that might be okay, presuming it isn’t a felony that he would have a legal duty to report. But, for him to withhold those charges, imply to you that he is doing so, suggest that you ought to voluntarily drop the peace order, and, then hint that he will file charges if you don’t seems to meet elements for criminal extortion.

    I would have to note that the peace order has resulted in him taking a much more subtle approach with you. He recently told some people that he passed on information about them to third parties that in his subjective opinion would result in those third parties murdering them. At least he isn’t inciting your murder, yet!

    • The Cabin Boy’s latest fantasy is that he will get me on the stand during the hearing on his motion to modify the peace order and prove that I have committed perjury. The word on the street is voices tell him that the judge will have me “clapped in iron” and hauled off to jail.

      • Yeah, I get that reading from him as well. Ya know Acme is failing him. Again.

        BigSkyBob does have a point about extortion and witness tampering, IMO. However I doubt the states attorney will want to prosecute on those charges. They are treating this whole thing as an Internet fight, and thereby harmless. I really fear that nothing will be done until real, physical harm is done. Shameful, IMO.

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