Prevarication Du Juor

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ffr201310012933ZPerhaps that sort of bogus claim is Bill Schmalfeldt’s way of yelling and banging on the table when he realizes that the facts and the law are both arrayed against him.

I began writing about Schmalfeldt in September, 2012. After I wrote about his publishing sealed court documents, he sent me this email. It’s one of three I received from him on 7 November, 2012.
BS201211071636ZThe charges were filed because he was harassing me and my family. Is he now saying that he would not remember doing so if I hadn’t sought relief?

Or is he simply lying?

14 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Juor

  1. Maybe truth is subjective to him, depending on the circumstances and his need to get out of paying any kind of price for what he’s done, or facing any consequences. But you have presented so much hard evidence of what he’s done, I doubt a court is going to allow him to keep making excuses for it.

  2. The other thing I’ve noticed about him, though, is how jealous he seems to be of all the things you’ve accomplished in your life. He constantly dismisses his critics as not important, and not as smart as he is…he is having difficulty doing that with you, and that seems to be bothering him.

  3. Oh, dear. BS thinks he’s laying down the rules again. To BS, quoting his exact words=lying and insulting him.

    • And he is yet again searching for his name so that he can claim to be insulted. Did you hear that WJJH called him a…a…clown? Heavens to mergatroid, it’s not like he called him a pimp, drunk, pornographer, prostitute, criminal without any proof whatsoever.

      • I did not call him a clown. I called him a “bozo” in my first post concerning Schmalfeldt. You can read it here.

        “Some bozo calling himself the Liberal Grouch appears to be a member of Brett Kimberlin’s clown posse, and he’s threatening to sue Aaron Walker for defamation. He believes that Mr. Walker defamed him because he was accurately quoted in postings tweeted by Mr. Walker.”

  4. I find this self-righteous shtick he’s been on the past few days to be particularly grating. If you look at the SPJ Code of Ethics under “Minimize Harm,” you will see that he has broken most of those rules, starting with “Ethical journalists treat sources, subjects and colleagues as human beings deserving of respect.”

  5. Should you ever have to go to the SA again, it might be useful to show him the many, many tweets and blog entries where BS claims that you filed “false charges” against him. These are the “accidental” tweets, etc., that BS described to the SA, a story that the SA chose to believe. So, BS has admitted that he violated the peace order, and told the SA that he did so by accident. Yet, he tweets that you filed false charges. Libelous, but it is also proof that the SA’s good deed is not going unpunished.

    • All I should say at this point is that while I would not have preferred the approach that the SAO has taken to date, I understand their position and greatly appreciate their drawing a line in the sand for Schmalfeldt.

  6. Wow, you called him “some bozo?” The audacity! No wonder he began harassing you! That is quite a serious offense!

  7. Does Bill not understand that he can NOT ask other people to contact Mr. Hoge on his behalf, per the peace order. Meaning…that tweet, was a VIOLATION of the peace order. When you ask someone to contact another person with whom you are forbidden contact, it is a violation of a no contact order. What does he not understand about this?

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