The Oddball Math of Magazine Control

P99magThe math is not quite as silly here in Maryland, but, beginning tomorrow, this is what our legislators think will happen when the count reaches 11.

In .40 S&W these Walther P99 magazines go up to 11 12.

4 thoughts on “The Oddball Math of Magazine Control

  1. Bans such as New York’s faux SAFE act criminalize losing count. It is legal to possess 10 round magazines that you owned before its effective date, but load eight rounds in a magazine – in other words, lose count – and you are a criminal.

  2. Wow! The .45 semi-auto pistol I want has an 8-round mag plus you can keep a round in the chamber for a total of 9. The compact .45 only has a 7-round mag though. But either one will totally hack off the Totalitarian, Marxist Weenies in The People’s Republic of Maryland.

    I wonder if The People’s Republic of Maryland will outlaw passengers in the back seat of any car driven by a Kennedy? That happens to be a very dangerous place.

    • I have other handguns in my collection, but my two favorites are my Kimber Model 1911 (Stainless II) and a customized Colt Lightweight Officers ACP. As you say, 8+1 and 7+1 of .45 ACP.

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