4 thoughts on “Maybe McCain is Right

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@Fite_Rite_Radio

    @BreitbartUnmask @ali @rsmccain See, at DJ when you allege something, you must back it with facts. “I said so,” not a “fact.” 2:52 PM – 30 Sep 13

    I await with anticipation the proof for BS’s claims that RSM is a drunk, Mrs. Stranahan is a prostitute, RSM committed fraud, and that Mrs. Walker is a mail order bride.

  2. As most people are aware, the interwebz are rife with the delusional rantings of the deranged cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt. His Twitter timeline is a case study in and of itself, as any and all of his other Twitter accounts and blogs.

    He, too, felt the need to tweet a snarky comment with regard to your camera blog post. Someone who makes such vile and twisted remarks about body parts and bloggers, such as he did about Ali (and, no I won’t link to it), are in NO position to question the journalistic skills and integrity of another.

    CBBS’s mind is one very, very disgusting, dark, and deranged place. If he feels so free to make such perverted comments for all the world to read, one can only imagine what he is willing to say and share with those closest to him in privacy. *GACK*

  3. It’s only a question of time until his gig at Digital Journal comes crashing in. He’ll eventually come up with some wonderful bit of “truthtelling” that normal people find disgusting and then he’ll be driven to refute them one and all and then accuse them of trolling him. Until that time he just serves as yet one more cloaca of left-wing internetism, digesting partisan screeds from the hard left click-o-ganda websites like Mediaite and TPM, having their viewpoints show up a seemingly proper journalism stories to help camouflage their dead hand on the scale.

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