#BillSchmalfeldt’s Whoppers

frr201309301740ZHere are some of the posts here at Hogewash! over the last two months which document lies from Bill Schmalfeldt.

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UPDATE—Six minutes after this post went up, the Cabin Boy tweeted this:frr201309302126Z

Let take a look at that claim.

In #BillSchmalfeldt’s Spin Cycle Schmalfeldt assertion that he was tricked into including @wjjhoge into a tweet is shown to be false. He was butting into an exchange between @antvq16 and me. Moreover, his claim that he had that tweet up for “ten seconds” is shown to be false by the fact that I found his tweet in my timeline and retweeted it when it was 15 minutes old. Note that the screen cap from my timeline with the “15 m” age notation was made before the retweet (no retweet symbol present). Note that Schmalfeldt posted a image of the tweet that includes indication of my retweet. He must have done that after I retweeted, and that occurred when his original tweet was at least 15 minutes old.

In #BillSchmalfeldt and Tetyana’s Fund one his tweets is quoted as saying that Ali Akbar, Stacy McCain, Aaron Walker, and I would split the money donated to the fund set up to defray Tetyana Kimberlin’s legal expenses. The only person to receive any payment from the fund was Mrs. Kimberlin’s lawyer. Schmalfeldt’s assertion is provably false.

In #BillSchmalfeldt and Probable Cause one of his tweets is quoted as saying that the District Court Commissioners had a rule that they would no longer receive complaints from me. When I contacted the Commissioners’ Office, they denied any such rule. Moreover, they said that they had a legal duty to take citizen complaints and to issue charges if they found probable cause that a crime had been committed. Unless those court officials are lying, Schmalfeldt’s assertion is false.

That’s just three of the examples. Once is a mistake. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a …

UPDATE—Stacy McCain deals with more of Schmalfeldt’s falsehoods here and here.

30 thoughts on “#BillSchmalfeldt’s Whoppers

  1. Like I keep saying, it’s a sad day when a cyberstalker hides behind his disability and attacks a retired senior citizen with a heart condition. A sad day, indeed.

    • How many other disabled/sick/senior person’s has Schmalfeldt harassed? How many women and their families? How many other people has he made veiled/unveiled threats to? How many other people has Schmalfeldt lied about while harassing them?

      I would like a count so that we can start tallying the victims of this man.

  2. One of my personal favorites is actually a series of lies: WJJH is the “head” of a group of “Breitbots,” except when he’s not and Aaron Walker is the head, oh, wait, except on those days that Ali Akbar is in charge of the whole enchilada.

  3. The problem is that the man believes his own lies. Nothing that anyone says or does, even his own printed words, will ever prove to him that he lied. Numerous times. Thus is the lot of a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. In his own mind, he can’t ever be wrong. No one can tell him otherwise, even if he repeatedly asks for proof.

    Tormenting the parents of a dead child? There is no good reason – none – to do this to anyone! Ever! Normal people would consider that to be wrong; it’s just another day of CBBS being CBBS, the Deranged Cyberstalker. Maybe he’s a sociopath instead of having NPD? Who knows? Who cares? You can’t fix crazy, especially when it doesn’t want to be fixed.

    Since you won’t let him get his way (i.e., constantly harassing you via email, Twitter, blog comments, etc.), he’s gone off tilt. He must have his sweet revenge on you, which he thinks he will actually get through the courts or some other means. He could eventually be dangerous if he doesn’t feel as though he’s been redeemed; I hope you (and others he’s harassed) are very aware of this. He will be like this until the day he dies.

    Sorry, CBBS. You’re a pathetic individual. You are not smart. You are not special. You are not unique. You are not clever. You are not relevant (except for giving folks you aren’t harassing a good laugh by your wild online behavior). You are not important. No one envies you. You are not being picked on; you are getting your due payback for tormenting people, especially for screwing around with people’s jobs, children, and significant others (it’s a bitch, isn’t it?) You have no redeeming qualities. You are physically unattractive, which no one would care about except for the fact that you are such a horrible person so it’s an easy target for everyone to have a laugh about. You use your disability as a crutch and for pity when most people try to overcome their own handicaps and not wallow in their misery. No one is picking on the town cripple; you brought all of this on yourself. And to be honest, except those who want you to leave them the hell alone, no one actually gives a poop flake about you except for the entertainment value you provide by being a deranged cyberstalker. The only way you could become famous (which I’m sure you longed for your entire, pathetic life) was by becoming an internet train wreck since you have no actual talent. No one wanted to silence you because of your political views; you couldn’t talk ideology without making it personal. They wanted you to shut the hell up and leave them alone because you’re a deluded, deranged cyberstalker. You will not go down in history as the Defeater of the Right, a journalist, a satirist, champion of Parkinson’s patients, or an author; you will go down in History as “Bill Schmalfeldt: Deranged Cyberstalker.” You made your own legacy. Karma much?

    But hey, at least you’re getting the attention you crave, right sicko?

    Hey, when do I get to start mowing Hoge’s lawn? LMAO

    • But but but…Parkinson’s.

      It makes me sick to see him hide behind his Parkinson’s Disease while others who are further along with the condition are still taking responsibility for their actions.

      Hkk hit the nail on the head completely. I wish there was a way for me to be in Maryland on the 16th so I can watch the trainwreck in person.

      Acme law is going to be fully on display. Mr. Hoge may not like watching CBBS go down in flames, but I know a lot of people who do.

    • Well said. You captured the Schmalfeldtedness perfectly. And made yourself a target was well. When you post the truth about the Cabin Boy, you also incur his unhinged rage and hate. And yes, despite his protestations, he does hate…a great deal.

    • And, another Bill, you are simply not a journalist. Being a journalist requires a degree of objectivity that you are constitutionally incapable of mustering due to your mental illness. The New York Times could hire you as a reporter tomorrow, pay you hefty salary, and print your work on the front page and you still wouldn’t be a journalist. Sure, you have the all of the forms of being a journalist, but, you simply wouldn’t have any of the substance.

      What you would be is a disgrace to those folks in the industry who actual are journalists.

      It raises an interesting question, Bill: who is the more pretentious wanna-be, you the pseudo-journalist, or Brett Kimberlin the beat-challenged “musician?” On one hand, before your descent into madness you actually might have had sufficient objectivity to work as a real journalist. While you were toiling in at the typewriter Brett Kimberlin was suing the federal court system for not letting him use an amplifier for his guitar. [Fortunately for his fellow inmates, Kimberlin’s suit was dismissed. How could the court granted him an amplifier without having to release all of his fellow inmates on the grounds that having to listen to it constituted cruel and unusual punishment?] On the other hand, the definition of what music is so vague that Brett Kimberlin could plausibly argue that while the swill he produces is bad music it is music nevertheless, while you cannot plausibly claim any of your writing are “journalism.”

  4. I’m curious how he can play the material from such actually funny people as Carlin and Lehrer on his netcast (NOT radio dumbass) without royalties or copyright violations. Is there some central point of contact to report such misuse as this?

    • I believe you actually have to contact the actual copyright owners. It also depends what sort of licensing CBBS has. If he has a general license then his licensing fee and contract covers the use of the tracks he is playing.

      However I seriously doubt he has a license, so it again goes back to contacting the copyright holder so they may submit a DMCA take down.

      • I believe he did purchase some sort of license when his netcast was all music. Actually most of the music he played was pretty good, but as usual, he had to screw it up by inserting his very unfunny “humor” pieces and his own personal hate against the “Breitbots”.

      • If he has the standard licenses…my mind is drawing a blank on them…BME is one I believe…anyway…if the comedy bits are licensed through the same he can use them legally.

        Then again we are taking CBBS at his word that he got the license…I don’t like doing that because he has proven unreliable. I’m not even sure I’d believe him if he posted the license…still…that’s the way those type of copyrights work…basically.

      • He is going on about his “show” being an editor’s pick. Dom’t you PAY for that? This show is only a few days old, hardly something an editor would pick.

        Also, I think that his show is played overseas in CIA black op sites to torture prisoners or experiment on hamsters.

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  6. Didn’t he admit that he was “Howard County Liberal” after previous claiming his critics had been targeting an innocent third party? How can he claim that his denial of being “Howard County Liberal” was anything other than a willful lie?

    I guess that last question was rhetorical. Bill Schmalfeldt is simply a nutter, and, a nutter can lie about anything including about whether they lie.

  7. He now has an entire post up “debunking” what you have written. But if you dare go read it you will find that he continues his lies. Such as, if he @mentions you and you don’t follow him you will never see the tweet….except in your mentions….which means you see it….because SHUT UP!

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