Maybe McCain is Right

Stacy McCain refers to Bill Schmalfeldt as a “deranged cyberstalker.” As near as I can tell, he certainly follows the posts and comments here at Hogewash! with a stalker-like fixation, and he certainly comes up with all sorts of wacko idea. The latest of those is that I’m stalking him. Oh, yes, and he has “proof.” You see, I joined the Society of Professional Journalists, and I happened to do it the same day he did, so that’s obvious proof that I’m stalking him. When he proudly announced his membership, I did a post “welcoming” him to the club of which I was, in fact, a member. That’s stalking, don’t you see. When he published a forged version of my membership information and I called him on it, that was stalking. And I lied—about what he never clearly says. And I’m a fraud.

From Schmalfeldt’s point of view, it’s just not possible that I might have joined the organization for my own purposes. I mean, why would someone who used to work in broadcast news and is transitioning from a career as a full-time engineer to working part-time as a blogger be interested in the support, tools, and contacts of an organization like the Society of Professional Journalists? How could that help with developing that sort of part-time business? No, the Cabin Boy thinks that the only reason I would join would be to stalk him.

Uh, huh.

Here’s a few additional points for the Gentle Reader to consider.

If we did join on the same day, how does the Cabin Boy know that he did so before I did?

I became aware of the Society of Professional Journalists through Schmalfeldt’s continual mention of its Code of Ethics in court filings. He keeps arguing that the peace order issued against him violates that Code as if it has the force of law. OTOH, the Code itself says,

The code is intended not as a set of “rules” but as a resource for ethical decision-making. It is not — nor can it be under the First Amendment — legally enforceable.

Until a few months ago, this blog was a hobby. Now, it is a business (Feel free to hit the tip jar, and please buy stuff from Amazon through this site.), and I will make whatever business connections I believe will help that business grow.

My life does not revolve around Bill Schmalfeldt. The only reason that I have anything to do with him these days is his harassment and deranged cyberstalking of me. Perhaps he should spend some time meditating on this portion of the SPJ Code of Ethics:

Recognize that private people have a greater right to control information about themselves than do public officials and others who seek power, influence or attention. Only an overriding public need can justify intrusion into anyone’s privacy.

17 thoughts on “Maybe McCain is Right

  1. Yes, we’ll said.

    He is trying to associate your name with certain adjectives. I would not be surprised if he was doing so under the advice and guidance of others. Part of this is calling you old, when you are only about seven years older than he. Odd he he didn’t think it was bad to take advantage of the SPJ senior citizen discount by playing the disability card. Shameless.

    His hissy fit over the SPJ reminds me of a little boy who thought he had the only little red wagon in the neighborhood. As someone of modest accomplishment, he thought it would give him entre and standing with the cool kids. Except he found out all the cool kids already had a red wagon, or had graduated to a real car.

  2. Unless I’m mistaken he is completely mistaken in what happens during an appeal hearing. He’s going on an on about testimony and getting you on the stand and such.
    It would be amusing it there were some ways to pump up his expectations in this regard to increase the crush at the Firestone moment.

    • It is a hearing on his motion to modify the PO, I believe. Without going into detail, he has an incorrect perception of what may occur in such a hearing.

      • This is a common problem for pro se litigants. I have no intention of providing him with anything that will improve his presentation of his case. We are, after all, adversaries in this matter.

      • It is a sad day when a deranged cyber stalker can harass a senior citizen with a heart condition. A sad day, indeed.

  3. CBBS thinks a person can’t be both a journalist and a private citizen. He is incredibly thick.

    Even if you did join the SPJ after you found out he did, how exactly does that mean you’re stalking him? Have you contacted him? The definition of cyberstalking is “the repeated use of electronic communications to harass or frighten someone, for example by sending threatening e-mails.” That is what CBBS does to his victims, not what you are doing. Perhaps CBBS should take a look at what the National Institute of Justice has to say about the topic.

    Again, that is what CBBS does, not what you’re doing. Cyberstalking involves contacting someone via electronic communications. Viewing a blog, Twitter feed, or “news source” such as Digital Journal and then commenting on it on your own blog or joining the same professional association as someone is not cyberstalking.

    Hell, I just read CBBS’s Twitter feed and then commented about it here on your blog… I guess I’m cyberstalking him, too! LMAO

  4. You really tweaked the old Cabin Boy. Man is he having a hissy. He has NO idea how many people are just pulling strings and watching him dance.

  5. I had the notion that your joining was at least partly an experiment/demonstration of the not terribly exclusive arrangement with regards to membership in SPJ. For the price of dues, a profession of interest
    in journalism, and an agreement to foward its objectives on various points, most anyone can join – and contribute, if he desires, to Digital Journal as author and/or member-commenter on submissions.

    He struggles already with interpretation of things he agreed to. However well he may quote or even wish to follow SPJ’s ethical guidelines or objective to improve or promote certain practices in journalism, that he may be capable of following them, is less certain.

  6. Maybe I should pay the $75 and join the SPJ. From what I understand, practically anyone can get in. In fact, it’s kind of like the YMCA. And actually, I do qualify. The quandry is…do I really want to belong to an organization that Bill Schmalfeldt is a member of?

    Bill SMASH!

  7. Did you see that Lee Stranahan made Twitchy and that he’s getting reviews for his reporting from Beirut? Remember that CBBS accused him of stealing money to go to the middle East, and did so without proof? Lee Stranahan = real reporter. And he doesn’t have to join the SPJ to prove it.

  8. I’m willing to testify that we’ve been talking about the Society of Professional Journalists (which is not the credential-er of American journalists, nor is it the weight by which courts or venues have measured claims of journalistic acts against) for weeks. Bill Schmalfeldt’s interest clearly came after Hoge’s and my own.

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