Bill Schmalfeldt has tweeted this concerning my membership in the Society of Professional Journalists …frr201309270006Z… and included this image with his tweet.

BVIMC1jCUAEkKMOHis image has some interesting properties. For example, it’s exactly the same dimension (450 X 572 pixels) as this image I published.spj_memberThere are also some differences. Take a look at the Join Date shown on the Cabin Boy’s version. Now, look at the redaction bar for the same information in mine. The reason the bar is so long on mine is that the date and time were shown when I screen capped the information. If Schmalfeldt had removed the redaction bar from mine, the time stamp should be visible.

Also, the numbers shown for the Join Date on the Cabin Boy’s version are slightly larger than those shown on the Birth Date line. It’s almost is if someone pasted a large white rectangle over my redaction bar and then typed in a date with almost, but not quite, the right size font.

BTW, no one would have access to the my membership maintenance page without my username and password. That’s one of the reasons why the last part of my username is obscured.


UPDATE—One commenter asks why the Join Date isn’t in a box. It isn’t a changeable item on the form so it doesn’t have a data entry box.

Speaking of boxes, here are the Birth Date and Join Date from the Cabin Boy’s version with the small box superimposed around them. Note that the slash marks for the Birth Date do not extend the full height of the box, but those for the Join Date do. Close inspection will also show that the numerals are of different height as well.dates_spj
UPDATE 2—The Gentle Reader will kindly note that I have not said that the Cabin Boy made any representation that the image he posted was of my actual information. I very carefully quoted him by reproducing his tweet. Still, the question remains—is what he posted a forgery?

UPDATE 3—The Cabin Boy says that his personal blog posts and tweets aren’t “journalism.” That’s probably what he thinks is the loophole that gets around this part of the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics with respect to that modified image:

Journalists should: … Never distort the content of news photos or video.

34 thoughts on “Forgery?

  1. It’s my belief that a psychology or sociology etc. graduate student in need of thesis material or thesis subject should look no further than Bill Schmalfeldt. I willing to bet they could readily get a grant to study his online behavior and thereby help pay their school expenses. In fact, more than one master’s thesis could be gained out this.

    • I suspect because nothing is his fault. Everything bad that happens is the fault of his enemies. And his enemies must be punished and any and all tactics and dirty tricks he uses are legitimate because he is right and his enemies are evil.

  2. The ones in your birthdate is of the same font as comment box: “1” On the other hand, the one in 2013 for your alleged join date has a [horizontal line] base. Clearly, two different fonts were used. The question is why?

  3. Another clue is the numeral “1” has a horizontal base in the join date while birth date does not. It’s very unlikely the programmers would have used different fonts for these two date values.

  4. Regarding update #3, the SPJ code of ethics notes, “Make certain that headlines, news teases and promotional material, photos, video, audio, graphics, sound bites and quotations do not misrepresent. They should not oversimplify or highlight incidents out of context.”

    Seems Bill Schmalfeldt has violated that principle yet again. First, he violated that principle by posting what he clearly labeled as “not” being a copy of your membership in the “context” of discussing your membership. Then, he defended his remarks by claiming that his tweeting is not a journalistic activity on his part. Seems the Cabin Boy has used his membership in the SPJ to “promote” his writings. I’m curious if he had in fact tweeted about his membership in SPJ, or tweeted a link to a discussion of his membership in the SPJ?

    • Yes, he tweeted about his membership. “I have just paid my first year of dues after having my application accepted by the Society of Professional Journalists.”

      When McCain called him a “weirdo,” CBBS replied, “A weirdo who is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. How about you, Stace?” Also, “Wow! My getting a paying gig and joining the Society of Professional Journalists REALLY has @rsmccain pissed off at me!”

      Yes, I’m sure the gig on Digital Journal is filling McCain with rage! CBBS may earn $10-20 from it over the next month! It’ll only take a couple of months to pay for that SPJ membership, about which McCain is also enraged, I’m sure. (What a nutjob.)

      Don’t forget all, CBBS is a JOURNALIST, joining SPJ says so, which means harassing people about dead babies is OKAY! In his twisted mind? $75 well spent.

      • I’m sure the SPJ would be interested in Bill Schmalfeldt’s self-serving claims that his tweets are entitled to the prestige of a member without having any of the corresponding ethical duties of a member.

  5. Why does everyone think that Bill is the one who committed this shitty forgery? Especially when there’s a notorious “shitty forger” that just happens to be buddies with Bill. I mean, isn’t there a likely candidate who was actually convicted of “shitty forgery”. I’m just saying, when a shitty forgery pops up on the internet, look for a shitty forger. And hey…there’s a shitty forger sitting right there in front of us. Who was convicted of shitty forgery.

    And Domestic Terrorism.

    • I think the shitty forger has thrown Cabin Boy to the wolves. Kicked him off his servers, and is now back channeling info on how Bill is to be left to take the fall. No, Bill is own his own here. I think the SPJ would be very interested in being provided with his writings with footnotes to indicate which ethics rules they break.

  6. Wasn’t his defense in court for his harrassment \stalking\being a putz, the fact that he was a “journalist”. Now he admits his actions on his blog weren’t journalism.

    Kind of blows his own appeal out of the water doesn’t it?

  7. So, BS has now admitted that his tweets and blogs ARE NOT JOURNALISM. Therefore, his harassing tweets to the Stranahans AND OTHERS? NOT JOURNALISM. His blog entries about WJJH, AA, RSM, AW, Patterico, Popehat, and the Stranahans? NOT JOURNALISM.

  8. Re his alleged inability to get to court:

    NightShiftPolitics ‏@NightShiftPol 21 Sep
    LOL: “Hoge gave Stranahan a ride from the airport to the courthouse, and this enraged Schmalfeldt…” … @rsmccain

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@TeamSchmalfeldt 22 Sep
    @NightShiftPol @rsmccain It did? That’s silly! I offered him a ride, but he never responded. Oh, that McCain. Making shit up again,
    4:21 AM – 22 Sep 13 · Details

    So, he can pick Stranahan up? But he can’t go to court? Which is it? And if tweets aren’t journalism, then how does he justify harassing people via Twitter?

    • Actually, I was the one helping Lee Stranahan with local transportation during his visit to Maryland. I’m not sure what CBBS is writing about in the tweet you cite.

      CBBS’s Parkinson’s Disease has progress to the point that he cannot drive a car. He does have to make arrangements for transportation.

      • It was from an RSM post detailing how your path crossed CBBS. RSM said that you offered LS a ride, which outraged BS. BS’s response is in the tweet above. My point is that he appears to lie constantly about the most innocuous things.

  9. Another thought: BS has admitted that his blogging and tweets are not journalism. He made that claim in response to people, including me, pointing out some of his numerous violations of the SPJ code of ethics. Inasmuch as he seems to have violated the same standards on his internet radio shows, the questions are: (1) Why did he violate SPJ ethics rules in his radio broadcast? (2) Or, is his radio also not journalism?

  10. Wait a minute. He just made an admission that his blogging and tweets aren’t journalism while he is simultaneously arguing to a court that he should be able to contact you repeatedly because his blogging and tweets are journalism?

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