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Several commenters over the last few days have wondered why Bill Schmalfeldt keeps opening up new websites when he claims to be short of cash. That prompted me to to a cursory inspection of some of his sites. I found some interesting stuff. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of what I found in a few minutes around 11 am ET today:

fighttherightradio dot com (, hosted by Network Solutions) simply redirects to patriot-ombudsman dot com.

laststoplounge dot com (, hosted by Staminus Communications) also redirects to patriot-obudsman dot com.

patriot-ombudsman dot com (, hosted by GoDaddy) is the actual location of his Internet radio stuff. ( has nothing but a default page at Bluehost. This site was taken down because of pornographic images. is still registered but has no site.

misterapocalyse dot com and teamschmalfeldt dot com are actually accounts hosted by Automattic.

liberagrouch dot com (, hosted by Network Solutions) is nothing but an under construction page.

These domains have been evicted from the Kimberlin-related server in Arizona: parkyhome dot com ( has nothing but a default page at Bluehost. lordofsatire dot com and oldunclebastard dot com are still registered, but they are homeless. The evictions appear to have occurred separately with lordofsatire being whacked just last week.


15 thoughts on “Website Mania

  1. It’s almost like his “friends” weren’t really friends, just using him as an annoyance – and one whose value has diminished to the point where they aren’t willing to even throw him a bone anymore.

    If I am not mistaken, we do not find Tae Kim’s signature block on his most recent filings…

    Bet if he could read the “private” communications of his “friends,” he would be real surprised.

    Than again, maybe not. What they have said to his face (so to speak) is plain enough.

  2. BS just tweeted that writing ABOUT someone is stalking. He claims that this post is stalking. Of course, all his blog posts and his new allvoices posts are stalking under his definition.

    • Actually BS posted that tweet about 30 seconds after Mr. Hoge put this post up. I would postulate that the Cabin Boy is the one stalking this website.

      I can hear him now. “Did they mention me? I must be important if they mention me. Let me click refresh again. Is there a mention of me now? Now? Damnit, what is taking so long?”

      What the Cabin Boy fails to notice that is Mr. Hoge wrote the post to respond to commenter’s questions. But I guess the Cabin Boy, having no readers or commenters can’t grasp that.

      • To be fair, this post went up at 12:01 pm, the Cabin Boy’s first snarky tweet is timestamped at 12:54 pm. That’s almost an hour’s delay. He is entitled to his lunch break.

    • That seems most likely, however until someone gets to look at CBBS’ finances or gets to look at the books for both of Kimberlin’s non-profits it’ll never be more than speculation.

      We already know to what lengths TDPK will go to not turn over ANYTHING during discovery. I suspect that Cabin Boy was probably taking notes and will try the same nonsense if he is sued sometime in the future.

      • If the 990’s are accurate (a question that someone should pursue), such expenses would show up under either “telephone/internet” or “consultants fees”. Unless the fees amounted to something dramatic, they don’t get broken out and detailed.

    • Note that this post logs the exodus of these sites from TK servers. So I suspect that means he is no longer being subsidized by TK.

      Like he’s been cut off.

      Interesting also that he started trashing Seth Allen in his new writings though they were twitter pals for a bit.

      It is as if something has…changed.

  3. Here he is, “working” as a “journalist” again… (No, I won’t link to it.) I guess he doesn’t understand that anyone can “work” as a “journalist” at, but he’s so deluded it wouldn’t make sense for anyone to try to explain that to him.

    • Looks like you hit a nerve. He is on Twitter trumpeting his mating call again. Perhaps he is trying to attract his Boy Toys to come to his aid again against the “Breitbots”? I guess simply pointing out that even a monkey can write for DigitalJournal is being not happy about it?

      • LOL his first big “news story” on Digital Journal is a childish poem about Ted Cruz in the style of “Green Eggs and Ham.” Oh, and at the end, he says Ted Cruz “killed a Mexican.” Nothing like libel and childish behavior to promote your liberal causes. Not that I think he is an actual liberal. Actual liberals, even I don’t usually agree with their ideas on policy, actually seem to care about people. This crazy dude doesn’t care about anyone but himself. The political talk is just an excuse to disagree with people and say, “Uh-uh! You’re wrong! Now I get to journalize you by harassing you and your families because I’m a journalist. You know, because I’m a JOURNALIST. Did I mention I’m a journalist?”

        Classy “journalism.” A real class act, that guy. Heaven forbid you argue your views, Bill. Just an all around sick puppy.

        If he would have stuck to arguing ideology and not gone after people personally, like the narcissistic little coward he is, he wouldn’t have people watching him like a train wreck. But, a train wreck he is, and a most entertaining one. Attention is probably what he craves, though. Which would explain his multiple wives and his mommy complex. His ex-wives probably kicked his keester out the door because they got sick of hearing his narcissism and his mother probably couldn’t stand him, or at least she preferred the non-tard twin.

      • He posted the same stories to both DigitalJournal and AllVoices. Guess it’s too hard for a professional journalist to come up with new content. Wonder how the websites feel about him posting the same content to both? And yes, the Cabin Boy is an attention whore of the highest magnitude.

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