7 thoughts on “Obamacare, Contraception, and Nuns

  1. Government is not supposed to show respect towards any religion. So, why are only the Amish allowed to sidestep Obamacare? It should be that any citizen should be able to opt out by claiming any relgious belief, no matter how bizarre or minor.

  2. I’m not quite sure why the Amish get a pass, but it’s been pretty obvious for some years now that the feds, especially under Zero, are trying to destroy Christianity in this country. We get all worked up about Muslims overseas being killed by other Muslims, but not about Christians being killed by Muslims, precisely because they are Christian. Why should we be surprised that this admin is actively working against Christians at home?

  3. The Little Sisters (like many other orders) have secular employees. However, no one signs up to work with the Little Sisters of the Poor without being pretty clear on the whole “Catholic” part of the assignment. And the Sisters particular charism is the care of the destitute elderly, so…I really don’t see why they should be compelled to pay for contraception.

    • Fluke chose a Catholic university knowing full well they didn’t cover contraception just so she could raise a stink. Not to far fetched to believe others would do the same to the Little Sisters just to make things difficult for them.

      • Every city where the Little Sisters have a home should be on their side, but no Democrat administration could ever admit a religious order is in the right. Oh, well; more bankruptcy might teach them something.


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