11 thoughts on “Green Eggs and Ham

  1. When I was in basic they fed us C rats that still came with the packages of smokes. I hate to think how old they were.

    And when getting hot chow in the field, the eggs would take on the green tint from being in the aluminum thermal containers they were delivered in. Green eggs indeed. Much preferred the MRE.

    • At our remote radar site in the late 70’s, our emergency rations were C rats. There was a few times when on CQ duty, I ran out of cigarettes, so I hit the C rat boxes up for the Lucky Strikes.

      • The first cigarettes I ever smoked were from C-rats donated to my Boy Scout troop by the local AFB in the late 70’s. Chesterfields and Benson & Hedges. I remember being told by my Dad to sort through the cans to weed out the rusty or bulged ones. Always liked the peanut butter. Had to mix it up since the oil had separated out in the can. I never served but still have a P38 on my key ring.

  2. Beans and franks for me, please.

    We had a literal pallet load of crates of these when I was a kid, with manufacture dates in the late 1940s. The Inner boxes were falling apart, as the glue had failed. I think Grandad had scored them at an warehouse auction, for a few pennies apiece.

    I think we ate the last of them in 1969.

    Still edible, though some of them were no longer recognizable without the packaging.

    Had some hard times as a kid…couldn’t eat peanut butter or spam for many years, would just make me gag.

  3. I was in from 86-89, so never had C-Rats, just MREs and a couple of times the boil-in-bag things… T-rats, I think?

    I think some of those Dehydrated Pork Patties from Basic are still being digested.

  4. Oh, I remember buying C-Rats at the Commissary and using them for camping trips. I thought C-Rats were great. Much better than MREs. Though I didn’t care much for the pork one that was basically spam, especially when I couldn’t heat it.

    I remember descending a mountain in winter and the only thing I could find in my ruck sack was the coffee pack from some old C-Rats. It was a long, cold descent through some deep snow. In fact, I walked over the roof of a snowed-in lodge. But the coffee and sugar kept me going until I got back to camp. Strange what memories a picture of C-Rats can evoke.

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