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Since the Circuit Court issued the peace order against Bill Schmalfeldt, there has been a massive increase in the number of anonymous harassing comments that have come to this blog. The comments have been a mix of crass, puerile jabs at me, my family, and, occasionally, my colleagues. The comments have often been obscene. Given their content, it patently obvious that they have come from a members of Team Kimberlin and/or Kimberlin/Schmalfeldt enablers. There have been over 150 since mid June. That averages more than one per day.

They have come from a limited number of IP addresses. Here’s a sampling of the comments from

This came in at 19:00 GMT on 17 July. It was made to a post about the Cabin Boy’s ravings that a picture of my son cleaning a field stripped pistol was a death threat.TK201307171900ZSchmalfeldt claimed, based on his Internet research of the laws of California, that he could charge William with making a threat. A.) That crime isn’t on the books in Maryland, and B.) nothing William did meets the elements of that crime (even in California). That comment is merely stupidly harassing.

OTOH, take a look at this one that came in at 23:19 GMT on 6 September as comment on one of my astronomy posts. It claims to be from Lee Stranahan, but that’s a forgery. It’s crudely obscene. TK201309062319ZSo is this comment which came in one minute later. Of course, it isn’t from Lee Stranahan either.TK201309062320ZAlthough I’ve not let such comment through moderation, I did publish a few to see if the sender(s) had any sense of shame when they say their words posted. It’s pretty clear from the continued volume of this spam that whoever sends it has nothing resembling a normal sense of decency.

I publish these to give the Gentle Reader some sense of the filth I find in my inbox. Please note that it is sent by a person or persons too cowardly to use his (their) real name(s).That’s not surprising considering the prime suspects: someone who skulked about setting time bombs, a deadbeat dad fugitive, a crazed pseudonymous cyberstalker, …

Such thugs are cowards, but they can still be dangerous. I am cautious.

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