Is His Caps Lock Stuck?

Those Gentle Readers who have occasionally inflicted the writings of Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt upon themselves know that he LIKES TO SHOUT in all caps. Today, in one of his frequent website changes (I wonder who he’s trying to stay one step ahead of?), he reactivated patriot-ombudsman dot com. He’s using a new blog theme, and it uses small caps for lower case letters, giving the impression that his caps lock is stuck.capslockstuck

I was informed of the new, improved patriot-ombudsman dot com by none other than Bill Schmalfeldt himself. He sent three comments to this blog about his new post. BTW, so that his readers understand which Aaron Walker he is complaining about, he has thoughtfully included a link to this Wikipedia article—Aw_football


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  1. “All I wanted to do was walk away from the dirtbags, leave them alone, have them leave me alone, and make a little extra money that my family desperately needs. I thought I had the right to do that. I thought that as a citizen of the United States of America, I had the right”

    The Cabin Boy does have that right. And if he had walked away he would have been left in peace. Instead he lies. He didn’t walk away. In numerous tweets he threatened that his Examiner gig was going to make his enemies FAMOUS!!!111!!! He tweeted that he was going to write and write and write about them. Even he isn’t stupid enough to consider that walking away.

    One more point…if his family is that desperate for money, might I suggest cutting back on the domain purchases and hosting fees? I wonder if his wife knows how much his has wasted in the multitude of failed websites and hosting fees?

    “Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@TeamSchmalfeldt 20 Sep OH, BTW? Just got rehired at .
    2:28 PM – 20 Sep 13″

    BS today:
    “I didn’t say a word about this to anyone in public. I sent a few direct messages to friends on Twitter asking them to follow my new Twitter site. And I wrote my initial story and waited for the Examiner to give me final approval to write as the new Howard County Liberal Examiner.
    Walker must have been monitoring the Twitter followers of one or another of the seven people I had asked to follow me via DM. By Saturday night, he was broadcasting across Twitter that I had tried to sneak back into the Examiner through nefarious means, and that his followers should write to the Examiner contact e-mail and ask why they are rehiring this deranged, adjudicated cyberstalker.”

    Conclusion: On Friday afternoon, BS himself, not Aaron Walker, not Andrew Breitbart, not the leprechauns, announced to the entire Twitter universe that he had been rehired by the Examiner. Therefore, the statement that he “didn’t say a word about this to anyone in public” is a lie.

    • He still doesn’t understand how twitter works. Remember when he got panicked about where Hoge got the confession email he sent to the SA with a CC to Kimberlin? Yep, he posted it in a Tweet. Now he claims his publicly viewable tweets are “private”.

    • The entire blog entry that was the subject of Hoge’s post and my comment appears to have mysteriously disappeared.

  3. Missed the whole other “Read More” section (man that website theme is hard to read). I see he will devote 12 hours a day, 5 days a week (60 hours) to “tell the truth about these scumbags”. As if the Cabin Boy would know the truth if he tripped over it. I can’t even begin to count the lies in this screed.

    “By Monday, the Examiner e-mailed that it would not be worth the trouble of having to constantly bat away these trolls to have me on board again.” Boy I’d like to see that mail. I’m sure it says nothing like that. More like. “Hey, someone reminded us of who you were, we looked back over our records and there is no way we are letting you pull your stunts again.”

  4. On his sockpuppet wjjjhoge site, he is tweeting about an “infirmed” Parkison’s patient. The word is “infirm.”

    • infirm:
      1. FEEBLE or WEAK in body or health, especially because of age; ailing.
      2. UNSTEADFAST, FALTERING, or IRRESOLUTE, as PERSONS or THE MIND; vacillating: infirm of purpose.
      3. not firm, solid, or strong: an INFIRM SUPPORT.
      4. UNSOUND OR INVALID, AS AN ARGUMENT or a property title.

      Um. Yep.

  5. He knows damn well what he’s doing, and what is truth and what isn’t. He seems to just be pathologically unable to admit it to anyone else.

    I retweeted something the other day (I use a different handle on twitter) and got threatened that “Before you get in trouble for retweeting crap, ask yourself, what did I write that was not true”. It took about two seconds to respond to that one, and I still haven’t heard back from him on it.

  6. He seems kind of butthurt that he got hung out to dry by his “friends,” too.

    It is as if he is being used as cannon fodder for them. THey don’t seem to care about his livelihood or the therapeutic nature of his writing. All they care about is that he is a useful tool for them because he likes to annoy people who they don’t like.

    He is probably unaware of their secret non-Twitter channels of communication where they make fun of him, calling him a fat old “feeb.”

  7. BS has a new gig with allvoices. I read the piece, and besides the obvious observations, I note that: (1) he mispelled McCain’s middle name, which is “Stacy,” not “Stacey,” and (2) he refers to the plagues of “Exodus or the Apocalypse.” There is no book of the Bible called the “Apocalypse.”

    • Oh, part 2 is up now. Well, allvoices probably has the staff to fact-check the guy, so all is well, right? Right?

      • So basically he is regurgitating the same lies he’s been telling for the past year or so. And to be honest, for a “professional journalist” the writing is not that good. It reads like an inside story. Anyone unlucky enough to stumble upon it will just leave confused and wonder what the hell they just read

    • I was raised in the Catholic faith (including 4 years of theology study in Catholic HS), and I never heard of “apocalypse” being the name of a book in the Bible. The book of Revelation deals with the _subject_ of the apocalypse, but that’s about it. The fact that Bill found one obscure source using that as its name doesn’t change reality.

  8. Hmm – he DOESN’T know the part Brynaert is playing.

    And he is totally not suspicious of the sudden return and interjection of Seth Allen.

      • Ah, yes , Neal, who states that he’s taking time off because of “health reasons,” and who seems to be offering some of his blogs, etc., for sale. Wonder if he’s making a run for the border?

      • Funny exchange.

        X: I feel bad laughing at the FatBastard memes

        Y: Don’t

        X: I know shouldn’t laugh at the wing nuts

        Y: No don’t feel bad. Fat Bastard Bill is a Fat Bastard.

        Also seems to be some who think that BS thinks of himself as the leader and telling people who don’t like to be told what to do, what to do.

      • You mean, he might be saying things like, “this is the way it’s going to be. You do X, got it?” He says the “this is the way it’s going to be” so often it’s almost like a verbal tick.

      • Again, think about it – these are people who reject authority. Being Mr. Bossypants is going to rub some of them the wrong way. Some people are willing to let him think he’s the boss because that is how to manipulate him, but others, that rubs the wrong way.

        And, yes, they talk about him behind his back.

  9. Five decades of being an asshole, and Carbuncle Bill hasn’t figured out yet that “shitstorm” and “blowback” are not just things that happen when he “makes bigs.”

    To be clear:

    It is all your own damn fault, Bill.

      • He’s been over the cliff and in free-fall since…I don’t know when. All that’s changed are the possible consequences.

      • He has been a puppet for a long time now. He just is too blind to see it. Reminds of the socially awkward kind that will eat paste just so he will have “friends” but doesn’t realize that the “friends” are really just mocking him behind his back and getting him to do things so they won’t get in trouble for doing them.

        But such is the life he has made for himself. Judging by the bile he spews I’m sure he has almost 0 real life friends.

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