Is Either Statement True?

From Twitter:

The Howard County Liberal Examiner — contact welcome, trolls will be crushed. Friendly disagreements welcome. But no trolls.

From (Howard County Liberal):

He welcomes reader contact — even from trolls!

UPDATE—The Cabin Boy does have a certain expertise with trolling.


5 thoughts on “Is Either Statement True?

  1. From his blog yesterday: “Oh well. I’m done with Twitter. Friends can follow me here. Haters can f[*]ck themselves.” We know this was a lie. By the way, he posted this along with pictures of Walker and his home, along with statements that sound a lot like threats. I don’t think anyone would have cared 2 beans if he wrote about politics for the Examiner, especially Maryland ones, but, based on his tweets at freestatelib, it sure sounds like he is hoping to use it as a platform to continue his obsession with all of you.

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