I’ll Just Have to Wait


boyscoutpopcornIt does look like I won’t be seeing that exposé about me in The Examiner any time soon.

The Cabin Boy seems upset with the day’s events. It may be interesting to see how he acts out.BL201309231520ZUPDATE—Stacy McCain weighs in here. Money quote:

Bad things are going to happen to us — Bill says he knows this — but he is “not responsible” for it? Of course, there are those who believe Bill Schmalfeldt is quite literally insane, so in a sense, he isn’t responsible. But I don’t think he meant it that way.

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17 thoughts on “I’ll Just Have to Wait

  1. But, “trolls”:

    The Last Stop Lounge ‏@LastStopLounge 7:50 PM – 22 Sep 13
    @AaronWorthing @rsmccain Ask Joe what matters to the Examiner. Ideology? Nope. A reporter’s history? Nope. Examiner wants page clicks.

    The Last Stop Lounge ‏@LastStopLounge 7:51 PM – 22 Sep 13
    @AaronWorthing @rsmccain I am gonna get a shitload of page clicks about you boys. Gonna make you FAMOUS!

    • And, it continues.

      1. He posted a series of tweets on his blog, none of them from WJJH, and threatens revenge on the tweeters – and names WJJH, who did not tweet. WTF?
      2. He disingenuously says that he “tried to walk away,” which does not explain all his @/laststopradio and @/freestatelib tweets explicitly stating that he was going to use the Examiner as a platform to get back at WJJH, Walker, McCain, and Akbar. How, by any stretch of the imagination, is that “walking away”?

  2. It’s pathetic how Bill S. blames you for his own behavior. He lost this gig because of his behavior. No one made him do that. He chose to do it on his own, and now he has to sleep in the bed he made for himself. But since he’s not mature enough to recognize that actions have consequences, he just lashes out and blames you for it.

    I also find it equally sad that you can substitute the name of just about any Democrat in place of “Bill S.” above and that paragraph is still accurate.

    Oh well.

  3. “The Cabin Boy seems upset with the day’s events. It may be interesting to see how he acts out.” In spectacular fashion it seems. Threats, CAPS, now attacking a church and using a sock account. The Cabin Boy really needs to just step away from the internet for a while and figure out why he is so angry all the time. He needs help in understanding that it’s his own words and deeds that mess things up for him. He is like a two year old throwing a temper tantrum.

  4. I don’t get the logistics of trying to get paid under a false name, for something other than face-to-face transactions that deal in cash. How did he expect to get paid by the Examiner? What name on the check, or bank account to whom the ACH transfer would be directed? Unless the guy set up an LLC or other business entity. So I guess I probably answered my own question.

    • He would get paid under his real name, but write his articles under a false name. It’s what he did before once the Schmalfeldt name became associated with a person that threatened his readers, threatened his interview subjects, etc,. See, once you ruin your name by being so unprofessional (the reason he was fired twice from the Examiner before) you have to try and fool people by using a fake name.

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