4 thoughts on “Go Ahead, Make My Day

  1. Does the Examiner realize the liability issues that await them if they fail to fact check him? As an FYI, stating things in the form of a question does not necessarily insulate someone from libel actions. Popehat has a good explanation of this.

  2. From BS profile:

    “What I Examine:
    Howard County Liberal
    You can call him Lester. It’s not his real name. It’s a pen name so that he can write what he wants to write without being beset upon by trolls. This way, trolls can attack his e-mail address, his Twitter timeline, his Facebook page, but leave his family alone. Lester has been retired from his job as a writer/editor with the Federal Government since 2011 due to advanced Parkinson’s disease, but his writing keeps his mind sharp and active. He welcomes reader contact — even from trolls!”

    Questions: What “trolls” have attacked which family members? You know, like tweeting them relentlessly about the death of a child, calling them a mail-order bride, etc.?

  3. I see he is threatening other Examiner reporters to not say anything bad about him or he’ll get them fired. So much for his love of free speech huh?

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