13 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. – How is writing press releases for the feds practicing journalism?
    – So, WJJH advocates “extreme” political positions? If it’s ice cream for breakfast, I’m in!
    – I don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t consider “poop flakes” to be matters of public concern.
    – Isn’t BS’s latest “show” a 24/7 blues music station? Didn’t he hang up his talk show stirrups at least twice this summer, the first time due to the ravages of his alleged PD, and the second time about 2 weeks ago?
    – why is BS afraid of @000bet1970 and @buchananrick?

  2. HOLY CRAP! I think somebody is gonna Spambot Bill. Probrably Kimberlin. We should ALL report this. And make sure they know who did it.

  3. Again, you have to parse Schmalfeldt’s language carefully. A superficial reader of 1 would suggest that Schmalfeldt is claiming Hoge is a member of an “extremist hate group.” But, upon careful inspection he only claims some “relation” between his discussion of the those groups. For all we know, the deranged freak is denouncing Brett Kimberlin and crew as the “extremist hate group.”

  4. I cannot belive he claims an accomadation to harass under the ADA. Under his intpretation, he can only write about Hoge, and since he has been prevented from contacting him, he can’t persue “jornoulism”. I wonder what the court will make of his new gig at the Examiner. Kind of blows the argument that he can’t persue his writing if he can’t contace Hoge. What a moron that man is.

  5. I only hope that a reasonable Judge is given this case. I am no longer as trusting of the courts of Maryland as I was when this whole thing began. I do not put agreeing with the Cabin Boy past any judge in the state I am afraid. As the bumper sticker says, “Maryland is for Stalkers”

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