Xenophon is a Liar

She has another post up at Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it.) in which she writes this—

… McCain and friends have pursued dozens of peace orders and criminal charges against Bill Schmalfeldt …

That is a barefaced lie. Stacy McCain has never been a petitioner or complainant in any legal matter involving Bill Schmalfeldt.

Aside: As one of Stacy’s friends who has filed both civil and criminal complaints against Schmalfeldt, I wish to point out that the number of peace orders petitions and criminal charges is not in the “dozens.” Of course, if I had complained about every peace order violation, it would have been dozens.

Here’s another likely lie from the same post.

Kimberlin’s process server found him at the same address where he lived last May.

No. It’s my understanding that Kimberlin attempted to serve Stacy McCain the same way he served Aaron Walker and me in the Kimberlin v. Walker et al. lawsuit, via mail, but the paperwork was mailed to the wrong address and signed for by someone other that Stacy. (BTW, the MD Rules require that service by mail be Deliver to Addressee Only.) If that’s the case, Stacy hasn’t even been served yet.

Aside: I know the general location of the “undisclosed location” where the McCain family now resides, and it is not in Maryland.

It seems as if Team Kimberlin has been lying about so many things for so long that they have become disconnected from the idea that they can be fact checked. Xenophon should either publish a copy of a court document showing Stacy McCain as an adverse party against Bill Schmalfeldt or post a correction and retraction. Similarly, she should either post a copy of the Certified Mail receipt showing Stacy McCain’s signature (or the Affidavit of Service from the process server) or post a correction and retraction.

I do not recommend holding one’s breath in anticipation.

UPDATE—Stacy McCain has related comments here, here, and here.

11 thoughts on “Xenophon is a Liar

  1. BS has admitted that:
    1. He does not have PD
    2. His dogs poop in his bed and he makes his wife check for it
    3. He eats babies

  2. BS just posted his doctor’s eval of him on Twitter. It confirms that his only restrictions involve climbing and lifting objects over 10 pounds. Not getting into a car and going to the Carroll County courthouse.

    • It also confirms he’s a fat ass. Even his doctor said it. So I don’t want to hear anyone tell me that I’m being mean. “Fat Ass” is now a clinical diagnosis from an MD.

      And hey, I was diagnosed with “Fat Ass” once. I was on pain medication that made me “Fat Ass”. The difference between me and Bill: once my doctors realized that I had “Fat Ass”, we worked on a cure and didn’t make excuses for my “Fat Ass”. And now I’m 112 lbs.

      You see, if Bill were actually exercising like he told his doctor, we wouldn’t see him online writing about rape and murder and tweeting out threats and lies 15 hours per day. I suspect that during the time he’s supposed to be exercising, he is actually ingesting large quantities of elephant and rhino. Just because.

  3. Mr. Hoge! This is my fifth comment! Do I get a prize? I have some questions:

    1. Why is BS fascinated with asscracks and scrotums?
    2. Why is he afraid of @buchananrick and @000bet1970?
    3. Why has brave Sir Robin stopped tweeting the Examiner fellow after he mentioned lawyers and such?

    Please send my GroundSurge payments to the rock near the park where BS says he sleeps.

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  6. Given Brett Kimberlin’s convictions for forging documents, I don’t put it past Team Kimberlin to dutifully post forgeries showing “a process server” swearing to having had served Stacy McCain. The acid test is for him to produce such documents in court. Kimberlin could always claim no knowledge of who “Xenophon” is, and, assert no responsibility for the content of “her” posts.

    Expect to live in parallel universes in which one [objective reality] the case proceeds according to the rules of law, logic and reason and another [Team Kimberlin fantasy land] in which two plus two equals five whenever Brett Kimberlin finds it convenient.

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