9 thoughts on “Perhaps He’s Learning

  1. and that is a positive action which stands as denial of his phoney baloney “I’m not responding to you” theory. Should have stayed consistent but now he’s blown himself out of the water.
    And before he tries to claim that he clipped your handle to be able to fit the tweet, there’s 10 characters.

  2. How exactly is he going to watch anyone get skinned alive in court? Did he not submit to the court a signed document under penalty of perjury that he was a feeble old man for whom going to court was an undue burden?

    Can you believe that he perjured himself like that when he just admitted that he would go to court to get his jollies when he is just too much of a sicko to make it when he is compelled to by the law?

  3. He’s already lying. Yesterday, he tweeted about his new gig with The Examiner. Presumably, when you tweet something out you want people to be aware of it and discuss it. So, this morning Stacy McCain sent out a tweet to an Examiner contributor, simply mentioning the news. Result? To BS, who also seems to have trouble comprehending standard legal language in motions, this is an attempt to get him fired. Baloney. And if he doesn’t want people discussing his business, he shouldn’t tweet about it.

  4. Cabin Boy writes, “Which is the ONLY way WJJ Hoge can EVER see anything I tweet! By looking for mentions in his Mentions line! ”

    So we are back to this? Does he not realize that the only tweets that appear on your Time Line are from people you follow to you, or to people you follow from other people. All tweets sent to @you sent by people you don’t follow go to your mentions. According to him, mentions are not contact. He will get a rude awakening if/when he reads what Twitter has to say about it instead of cherry picking from the TOS to cover his willful violation of the Peace Order

  5. He is well on his way to being booted from the Examiner again based on his own vile tweets a out another writer, *who has not even tweeted him*, whereupon he will blame others for his own failings.

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