4 thoughts on “Res Ipsa Loquitur

  1. I have no words. I got to the part where he claims to be a “journalist”. He is as much as of a journalist as I am the Mother Mary.

    Then he goes on to repeat the lie that sending a tweet to @ someone is not contact. Sweet Jesus this man is so stupid that there are no words.

    Then of course there is the “poor me I have PD and can barely move” plea. Gee, if he is so weak, why is he threatening people all the time? Which is it?

  2. screw him. I made into a legal filing! I’m gonna have to fill my house with feetal monitors just to forestall the massive thrombo the thrill is going to give me.

  3. I read at The Other McCain that Zoe Barnes scored a direct hit! Seems the deranged freak posted at his website a picture Zoe Barnes smiling from the Heavens with a caption that read, “Because I said so!” I would summarize Zoe Barnes answer as, “The deranged freak wishes to raise a number of points. As to the merits of the points he raises I answer, “Whatever! He still didn’t file them in the right venue!”

    I see the deranged freak wanted drag you into a series of tangents, and, is having a temper tantrum because Zoe didn’t want to play. It must have been a temptation, for instance, to note that all people under a peace order are subject to arrest and prosecution for violating that order, and, that any problem he has with that fact is with the legislature, not John Hoge. She could have noted that people in poor health ought not engage in activities that put them under such stress.

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