Sir Robin Was Unavailable for Comment

Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt has been commenting on Brett Kimberlin’s request for a hearing on his motion to compel Google to identify the anonymous blogger Kimberlin Unmasked. (Note: No such hearing has been scheduled yet.)TS201309191141Z

Not only was Brave Sir Robin unavailable, but neither were Bill Matthews, Bill Big Rig, The Liberal Grouch, Elmer Puddingbottom, Occupy Rebellion, Scamahan, Xcitizen10, The Watchful Avenger, Texas Tim, Nemesis, Xenophon, or Brietbart Unmasked.

8 thoughts on “Sir Robin Was Unavailable for Comment

  1. BS squanders any compassion he gets. Yesterday, he had what I would call a terrifying day for a disabled man, but he tweeted about it with honesty and some humor. In the subsequent hours, in addition to the myopic comment above, he has lied and ridiculed people. He tweeted that Ali was busted for speeding, which is a lie – Ali tweeted that he was followed by a cop on the highway. He is tweeting that Stranahan was fired, when in fact he resigned. He has stated that Stranahan is “going to Syria” to undermine Obama, when Stranahan has stated repeatedly that he is not going to Syria but to the Middle East to interview Syrian Christian refugees. Despite his “apology” to Stranahan, he continues to directly tweet the man and mock the death of his daughter. He calls women skanks and ridicules rape victim. All since yesterday afternoon. The man should not be allowed near the Internet.

    • Addendum – this after tweeting for days that Stranahan’s middle east trip was a scam. Any apology or correction for erroneous “reporting?” None. The man is not a journalist, that is abundantly clear.

  2. I really think he does it for the attention. The vulgarities, the constant and easily verifiable lying. He is a sad pathetic man trapped in a body that allows him no freedom. Dreams crushed he sits in front of the computer tapping out messages certain to garner him attention. That it is ridicule and derision seems not to matter to him, as long as someone is paying attention to him he can fool himself into thinking he is still relevant to the world instead of the vile little man he is hunched over a keyboard spewing the vile contents of his soul into the ether.

    • Or Alexander Hamilton and the others who published The Federalist Papers under the pseudonym Publius.

      Actually, what he seems to believe is that if using a pseudonym advances whatever he is supporting at the moment, then it’s OK. But if it opposes his cause du jour, then it’s bad. The end justifying the means and all that.

  3. Since he is busy tweeting out his many failed books…I couldn’t help but notice that a recurring theme is an abusive father and a retarded or malicious twin brother. Makes one wonder……… Oh sure, he’ll say it’s just “fiction”. Just like his anal rape, death fantasies, etc are. Wink wink nudge nudge

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