Help #BillSchmalfeldt Support Our Defense Fund

undercover_truckerBuy the Kindle Edition from Amazon, and my cut of the action will go straight into the legal defense fund for the Kimberlin v. Walker et al. lawsuit.

Billy Big Rig has lived his life on The Killer Road. His many adventures (and marriages) have left him bruised, scarred, but unbroken. In 2000 as a disgraced alcoholic 18-wheel driver, Billy redeemed himself by saving America. He did this by infiltrating an Al Qaeda cell in prison and traveling with them to Afghanistan in the days leading up to 9/11. Then, if he is to be believed, he nearly single-handedly won the war, killed Saddam Hussein, took care of Osama bin Laden and had a fist fight with Bill Clinton. For obvious reasons his real identity can never be revealed. His life remains in constant danger. But he tells his story for the first time in this hilarious first-hand account. Along the way, you’ll learn about his unique upbringing, his politically-incorrect philosophy, and how to survive when EVERYONE wants to kill you!

6inKindleUPDATE— Don’t have a Kindle? Click here to buy one from Amazon. I prefer my 6-in Kindle for reading text, but my Kindle Fire is great movies, etc. Click here to buy a Kindle Fire.

UPDATE 2—There are over a million books available in the Kindle Store now.  Undercover Trucker‘s sales rank is proof of that.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,508,247 Paid in Kindle Store

It’s also available in paperback.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #9,600,309 in Books

28 thoughts on “Help #BillSchmalfeldt Support Our Defense Fund

  1. Heh! John, I am ready and willing to dedicate all proceeds (10%) from sales of the “Maryland is for Stalkers” bumpersticker to your legal defense fund. Let me know if you (and the other defendants too) would like that option.

  2. BS, consumed with envy that Lee Stranahan is relevant and he is not, proceeds to attack the Stranahans for the death of their daughter, whom they gave birth to at home, WITH THE APPROVAL OF THEIR PHYSICIAN AND UNDER THE CARE OF A NURSE MIDWIFE. I have twins in my family and they, too, were born at home. Stranahan takes care of his children. BS abandoned his to become a trucker.

    • Well, there is a campaign going. Every time Bill mentions the Stranahan’s daughter, donate $5 to Lee and his family. Unfortunately, this happens so frequently, one might have to limit it to $5 per day.

  3. As an aside, why would an obese 300 pound person write a book called “no doorway wide enough?’ Or was it called “no toilet seat wide enough?”

  4. CBBS to Mrs. Stranahan:

    “Again, I am very sorry for your loss, as I told you before. But you need to be truthful about your part in it.” 10:50 AM – 19 Sep 13

    Ya know, I am sorry for Bill’s alleged Parkinson’s, but he needs to come clean for his part in it. Was it due to cocaine abuse?

  5. Via Dana Loesch, what it is with these leftist men who think they know women? Yglesias lets fly sexist remarks like this one: “I’m not the world’s leading expert in the field but (perhaps unlike conservative movement leaders), I have spoken to young women in my life.” Michelle Malkin? Dana Loesch? Katie Pavlich? In a nutshell, only men can be leaders, women are too stupid to figure things out, and any liberal male is qualified to opine on OBGYN.

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