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Bill Schmalfeldt says that I don’t understand how pingbacks work.TS201309171109ZI’ve always understood a pingback as a comment sent from one blogger to another to alert a blogger to a link to his blog, but I considered the possibility that I’ve misunderstood what pingbacks are. I’ve been receiving them and using them for a couple of years now, but I thought I’d check with WordPress support to verify my understanding.

Here’s what I found in the WordPress Introduction to Blogging

The best way to think about pingbacks is as remote comments:

• Person A posts something on his blog.

• Person B posts on her own blog, linking to Person A’s post. This automatically sends a pingback to Person A when both have pingback enabled blogs.

• Person A’s blog receives the pingback, then automatically goes to Person B’s post to confirm that the pingback did, in fact, originate there.

(Emphasis in the original.) So creating a link to a WordPress blog from another sends a comment to the linked blog. Creating such a link is one way of commenting on another’s blog. I receive such comment all the time from other bloggers.pingback1 pingback2

Unfortunately, pingbacks are an all-on or all-off function, so if I want to be able to receive them from legitimate bloggers, I have to leave the door open for all pingbacks. Since the middle of August, I’ve received over 80 pingback comments from Bill Schmalfeldt. They’ve been trapped by moderation, and I’ve never let one through.

The Cabin Boy claims that he isn’t generating the comments. He says WordPress is doing it. Really? Is WordPress creating the active links on his sites and blogs? WordPress is merely a conduit. A century ago, folks would have laughed at a person who had filled out a telegram blank when he tried to say that he didn’t send the message but that Western Union did. The same principle applies here.

Schmalfeldt has claimed that he must create the active links so that his readers can come check out my side of the story. Gentle Reader, I’ll bet you can find the Cabin Boy’s latest blog without my having to make teamschmalfeldt dot com an active link.

He also claims that I can solve the problem by turning off pingbacks for Hogewash!, but I am under no obligation to cripple the functionality of my blog because he refuses abide by an outstanding peace order to leave me alone.

I think both Bill Schmalfeldt and I both understand pingbacks and that the Cabin Boy is doing what he does on purpose.

Mens rea? Perhaps. Or perhaps mens aegra or mens infirma?

8 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • No, I think he is very, very fond of sh*t. His daily discourse is full of feces-related imagery. Plus, he sleeps with dog poop if he “forgets” to ask his wife to check the bed for it.

    • On the other hand, you may be right – yesterday, he once incorrectly tweeted that his new blog was laststopradio dot com. Which it isn’t, but is evidence that he doesn’t know sh*t from Shinola.

  1. I don’t have amensorrhoea. That’s just stupid. Men don’t get periods, so they can’t lose them. Plus you spelled it wrong. Duh.

    Anyhoo Hoge, it looks like your buddy lost his counter-DMCA challenge and my pictures will not be posted any longer on that toady site. And don’t even think about transferring it to a foreign server where they won’t honor DMCA requests.

    Now my Magic 8 Ball is in the shop for repair, so you lickspittles won’t be getting any predictions today. However, since I know that you cling to my every word, I will leave you with this:


    Oh yeah…it’s coming.

    Schmalfeldt OUT!

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