That’s Not What I Heard

I tuned in to Ali Akbar’s talk show on BlogTalkRadio last night to listen to him and Stacy McCain comment on the Navy Yard shooting. A bit more than 30 minutes into the show the topic turned to Bill Schmalfeldt’s latest antics. At that point, I dialed in and joined the program. Here’s the Cabin Boy’s spin on that show:TS201309171104Z

“2 hours about ME!” No. The top story was the big news of the day and had nothing to do with Schmalfeldt.

“NO LISTENERS!” (Gentle Reader, have you noticed how often his Caps Lock seems to get stuck?) Really? I had these listeners comment about the show while it was in progress or within a few minutes of the end. (Note: Stacy’s phoned died during the show.)listener1listener2 listener3 listener4 listener5 listener6That’s six listeners commenting about the show on my Twitter timeline, and it wasn’t my show. I was just a guest. I wonder if the Cabin Boy could come up with six contemporaneous Twitter comments from any single show he has done? Maybe, but I doubt it.

Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t seem to understand that it is possible to fact check his statements, or how easy it is to do so. For example, yesterday, he claimed that the National Bloggers Club had no website. It took under a minute to google “national bloggers club” and find the club’s website. Today, he claimed that a talk show had no listeners, and it took less than a minute to find comments made by six people who were listening.


UPDATE—An emailer sent me this link to a tweet wherein the Cabin Boy wonders if anyone finds this post pitiful but does not address any of the facts.

4 thoughts on “That’s Not What I Heard

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  2. Yes. Let’s discuss #FAIL, shall we? *smh*

    Every time, yet another, tidbit of BS’s bs is exposed, comedian Ron White’s shtick always comes to mind…

    “I had the right to remain silent… but, I didn’t have the ability.”

    CBBS’s existence in a nutshell.

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