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Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt’s latest wacko theory is that Aaron Walker is the person behind the @GhostRadioOnlin account on Twitter.

Aside: For those Gentle Readers who have the good sense not to follow Schmalfeldt’s Twitter account du jour changes, @GhostRadioOnlin was the name of one of the Cabin Boy’s accounts for a few days. Minutes after he dropped it, someone grabbed it to use as a parody account. Schmalfeldt likes to dish out “parody” and “satire,” but he can’t take it.

Schmalfeldt has a pretzel logic “proof” of his fantasy in a post on his Team Schmalfeldt blog (No, I won’t link to it.). Part of his “proof” relies on the “fact” that @GhostRadioOnline deleted a tweet sent at 5:50 pm on the 15th that supposedly answered a question sent by Aaron Walker (@AaronWorthing) at 5:51 pm. Schmalfeldt claims that deleting the tweet was Aaron Walker’s way of covering his tracks.

There’s one small problem with that “fact.” It isn’t true. The tweet wasn’t deleted. This was captured at 3:30 pm on 16 September.gro201309152150Z

Schmalfeldt had an earlier whackjob fixation that Aaron Walker was Kimberlin Unmasked. That wasn’t true either. I don’t know the identity of either Ghost Radio or Kimberlin Unmasked, but I know that Aaron Walker can’t be either. I have engaged in DMing on Twitter or watched live Twitter conversations with/by those individuals at times when I was in the same place as Aaron Walker—while he was not using an Internet device and could not have been online.


Oh, in case your wondering how I know about the Cabin Boy’s blog post … he sent four comments about it to this blog.

4 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

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  2. Again, Bill Schmalfeldt has made a spurious accusation. It is pointless to answer the substance of his accusations because they will just be another. What is worth noting is the fact that Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t seem to realize how badly he has failed. He made his intention clear enough when he suggested that Brett Kimberlin’s critics would be happier if they forget he even existed. He then processed to harass you and others.

    Harassment is tactic. It is a means to an ends. In war, the simplest way to win is bomb the enemy, then invade and capture their territory. But, that requires superior force. Tactics like ambushes, bombing, and terrorism are the tactics embraced by the weaker opponent. Harassment is a tactic embraced by someone in an inferior position. In debate, the straightforward to victory is note something like,

    Brett Kimberlin is a convicted perjurer, drug dealer, document forger and terrorist bomber. He was held responsible for the wrongful death of one of the victims of his bombs. After being paroled he traveled repeatedly to the Ukraine where he by accounts he solicited prostitution with underage girls for the consideration of a visa. While there he raped a girl repeatedly, and had her imported into the United States to continue raping her…..

    A person attempting to defend the likes of Brett Kimberlin is in the inferior position. Such folks tend to embrace harassment as a tactic for defending the indefensible.

    The problem with Bill Schmalfeldt, aside from the fact that he is a deranged freak, is that he is fundamentally harassing the wrong man. Terrorism doesn’t invade the enemy’s territory. Most terrorists simply lack the capacity to bomb all their enemies. The point is kill a limited number of people in order to place the surviving population in sufficient fear that they capitulate. Psychic coercion replaces brute force. Harassment is much weaker tactic than terrorism. The victims of 9/11 are dead. Bill Hoge remains alive. Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt and their ilk simply lack the resources to harass all their critics. They can only harass a limited number in the hopes that they place their remaining critics in sufficient fear to keep them silent. How is that going for you Brett and Bill?

    In targeting Bill Hoge Bill Schmalfeldt has simply picked the wrong man. The only power to harass John Hoge Bill Schmalfeldt has is the power that John Hoge grants Bill Schmalfeldt. that’s it. John Hoge shows every indication of being a psychologically well-grounded individual. Trying to harass a well-grounded individual is an act of utter futility. Instead of providing the example you wish to set– the victim cowering in fear– John Hoge provides with example of how to deal with the likes of you with grace and dignity. Instead of intimidating others, you are merely creating a leader that others will emulate as they destroy you.

    I can’t stress enough how much a failure you are Bill Schmalfeldt. You simply aren’t the thug you fancy yourself. The reality is that you are more of circus [deranged] freak show. People aren’t listening to you to hear the truth. They listen for the act. The rantings of the deranged freak amuse them. I’m sure there are folks out their that rattle your cage just to watch your reaction.

    And, one more thing Bill, I read Stacy McCain quote you tonight that you tried to intimidate a fellow by noting that you use to usually win bar fights. Well, Bill, you use to have hair, too. The reality is that a reasonably self-disciplined eight year-old would beat you every time in a fair fight. That child would simply have to know how to fight a person with advanced Parkinson’s Disease: the same way David beat Goliath. One merely has to circle around you until one is out of your field of vision. Then, you are utterly helpless. So, save us the crap about how tough you are.

    • Oh, and Bill Schmalfeldt’s fantasy that Aaron Walker is @GhostRadioOnlin is driven by his fundamentally inability to recognize that he has acted to increase the number of his critics rather than to silence the old ones.

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