At Your Service

A defendant must be served for a lawsuit to go forward against him. So far, Brett Kimberlin has been able to serve two of the defendants in his Kimberlin v. Walker et al. boondoggle in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland. Aaron Walker and I have been served. The other three defendants have not.

Apparently, Kimberlin does not know where Stacy McCain and Ali Akbar live. I don’t either, at least, not exactly. I know generally where they live, but not their street addresses. Neither lives in Maryland. They aren’t hiding, but they have no obligation to make it easy for Kimberlin to serve them.

Of course, Kimberlin Unmasked hasn’t been served. Brett Kimberlin doesn’t know the identity of that anonymous blogger. Neither do I

I have been served, and as a Maryland resident my responses to the suit are due on a tighter schedule than the out-of-state defendants. That work is in process, and I intend to respond to the suit in a timely manner. Ken White has put up the Popehat Signal; I expect that will generate a great deal of interest in the case.

@BretbartUnmasked tweeted at me today that I should offer to settle the case out of court. I responded with an offer to drop the matter if Brett Kimberlin were to pay me a settlement of $1,000,000. That was not a facetious offer. If Kimberlin wants to get off on the cheap, he should take it.

UPDATE—I’ve been doing a bit of fact checking. Under Maryland Rule 2-121, service of process may be accomplished by “certified mail requesting: ‘Restricted Delivery—show to whom, date, address of delivery.'” The package sent to Stacy McCain was not mailed to his correct address, nor was it signed for by him. It is my understanding that service was not complete given those facts.

7 thoughts on “At Your Service

  1. I think the guy who betrayed his late brother and makes his wife check the bed for dog turds should look up the definition of the word “hubris.” Since he is poorly educated, such a definition can be found on line by typing the word into a search engine.

  2. Re: service of process – you are correct. In the MD electronic records, BK gave RSM’s old address. Sending it to that address is not sufficient.

  3. Cabin Boy sure keeps up his cheer leading for his Terrorist buddy doesn’t he? He is really stuck on the whole “McCain got served at his old address” schtick. When pressed for proof he offers nothing. Yet another in the long line of Schmalfeldt lies. Who knows, maybe he really believes that his Master would never lie to him. So when he finds out he was duped, again, by Kimberlin, will he remain loyal?

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