A Clarification

Most of the Gentle Readers know by now that a peace order was issued against Bill Schmalfeldt requiring him to refrain from contacting, attempting to contact, or harassing me for six months. The Cabin Boy is appealing the order. My lawyer received service of Bill Schmalfeldt’s supplemental paperwork for his petition for a writ of certiorari to the Court of Appeals and his motion to reconsider that court’s denial of a stay of the peace order pending appeal yesterday. Copies were forwarded to me today.

I will have no public comment on his appeal until advised to do so by my counsel.

However, I did find one thing among his exhibits that should be shared (without comment).kg20130910email

15 thoughts on “A Clarification

  1. An accident? Schmalfeldt the lying liar gets off again by lying. Too bad the SA didn’t look at the actual tweets. Schmalfeldt has no honor. This is twice he has lied to the court to save himself.

    • Yes, lying is a full time hobby. He claims to be pro-gay, yet constantly ridicules Ali’s real or perceived sexuality. He uses his daughter’s sexuality as proof of his progressive attitude, yet this is the same child that he always claims that he is not sure is his.

  2. I’m actually a little uplifted by that email. I read it as the State’s Attorney believing that the “accidental contact”, while a blatant lie, might still be enough for reasonable doubt that he actually intended to make contact at trial. Yes, it’s breaking the law whether you intend to or not, but I can imagine it being seen as a mitigating factor that could potentially get an acquittal at trial. However, I read the State’s Attorney’s tone as being one of, “We’ll let it slide on your explanation this time, but there better not be any more ‘accidents.'”

    That’s my hope, at least. I’d really like to believe that our court system isn’t corrupt beyond all redemption.

  3. BS does not strike me as a stupid person, believe it or not. He is, however, unaccomplished by modern standards, which today means a college degree. I do think he is very insecure about that, and tips his hand by taking jabs at Mr. Hoge’s intelligence. Oh, Mr. Hoge is a rocket scientist. For real. Probably not as mentally challenging as trucking, but . . . .

    • Absolutely. On of his buds was carping about how CBBS could never ever be charged again. Seems to have confused double jeopardy with double stuff Oreo’s or something.

  4. This is actually pretty good. I hadn’t recalled you mentioning a nolle when you announced charges were dropped. “you need to stop contacting Mr. Hoge (directly or indirectly)” Nice they mention both. “In your many emails…” They see him as a pest. “Future contact with Mr. Hoge could constitute a violation.” Even better. Give him enough rope to hang himself, and reasonable doubt swings to the State’s favor.

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