#BillSchmalfeldt and the DMCA

Cabin Boy Bill has got himself in another DMCA mess. He sent a takedown notice to a Tumblr blog called Bill Schmalfeldt’s Lies. That blog is operated by the anonymous blogger GhostRadioOnlin, and Ali Akbar of the National Bloggers Club has stepped forward to act as the authorized agent of the anonymous blogger in filing a counter notice.

Schmalfeldt has reacted in a predictably unhinged manner. First, he falsely accused Ali Akbar of claiming to own the Tumblr blog in question. Now, he is claiming that Ali Akbar isn’t the authorized agent for GhostRadioOnlin and that the National Bloggers Club doesn’t exist. As evidence of the club’s non-existence, he says that we (Yes, I’m a member.) don’t have a website.nbc_site

That’s what our homepage looked like at around 6 ET this evening.

And in other news … Ali Akbar’s Twitter account came under spambot follower attack just after 6:15 this evening.

UPDATE—Someone asked me how I know about Schmalfeldt’s claim about the National Bloggers Club not existing. He sent a couple of comments to Hogewash! (No, they didn’t get past moderation.) about his post at the Team Schmalfeldt (No, I won’t link to it.) blog.

UPDATE 2—Stacy McCain has more details about Ali Akbar’s DMCA counter notice.

4 thoughts on “#BillSchmalfeldt and the DMCA

  1. The guy can’t seem to remember one lie from one day to the next. For example, back in May/June, he claimed that one of the most shameful acts of his life was cheating with his twin brother’s girlfriend, future ex-wife #2. When called on it a month later, he then said that it was no big deal, that his brother was glad to have her off his hands. Yet, BS, and admitted cheater, constantly verbally abuses his ex for allegedly cheating on him. Odd if all of this was no big deal. Today, he tweeted this:

    [Ex-wife]’s outrage seems a bit misplaced since she cheated on my twin brother with me, then cheated on me with him when I went to Japan. 3:11 PM – 16 Sep 13

    So, Bill Schmalfeldt is an admitted cheater, yet he continues to abuse his ex wife on Twitter. He also said this:

    Of course [ex-wife]’s outrage about ANYBODY’s behavior seems kinda hypocritical considering she was high the whole time she raised the kids. 3:12 PM – 16 Sep 13

    IF this is true, Cabin Boy just admitted that he knowingly left his children in the custody of someone he knew had a drug problem. Father of the Year material, he is.

  2. Re BS’s claims about others using “his” images – oh, you mean like the photo of Ali that serves as the background of his Twitter account? What a hypocrite.

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