Twitter, Spam, and #BillSchmalfeldt

Bill Schmalfeldt has yet another blog called Team Schmalfeldt. (No, I won’t link to it.) How do I know this? The Cabin Boy contacted me by sending multiple comments to Hogewash! in the form of links from his new blog.

He has a post up where he misanalyzes the reasons why he’s had so many Twitter accounts suspended. Twitter has systems that flag accounts that have been blocked or reported as spammers. Schmalfeldt notes that followers or a recipients of @replies or @mentions can

hit “block and report” over and over and over and over and these “spam systems” will do the rest.

Then he adds—

Very clever. And evil. And, I imagine, it works both ways.

More about that in a bit. First, let’s examine were those blocks and/or spam reports about the Cabin Boy could have come from. I doubt that any came from his followers. Most likely, they came from users to whom he addressed unsolicited @replies or @mentions. In other words, when he tried to force himself on others, they asked to be left alone. When he did it enough times, Twitter suspended him.

Twitter’s method of spotting bad behavior is clever. Twitter’s systems aren’t evil, although the behavior they catch might be.

Now, about it working both ways … Yes, if other people @reply to Schmalfeldt or @mention him, he can block them or report them for spam. Also, if he were to follow someone with enough sock puppets, he could have the socks block report his target as a spammer, and Twitter would likely suspend the victim’s account.

Have I mentioned that someone keeps trying to have around 15,000 sock accounts follow Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, and me?

17 thoughts on “Twitter, Spam, and #BillSchmalfeldt

  1. Ah, yes, the umpteenth blog where he is practically kissing a picture of his man-crush, Ali. Poor Ali is all I can say.

  2. You say that Cabin Boy contacted you again? Isn’t he still under a peace order? When will the courts and law enforcement realize that this guy needs to be shown he is not above the law just because he’s crazy?

  3. He is stilling hammering his tired old “Breitbots” shtick, the one he pulled out when he was on Team Anthony Weiner. Has he ever admitted that he was wrong about that? No. Has he ever apologized? No. An honest person would do both.

    • Obviously Schmalfeldt is not an honest man. A small desperate pathetic attention whore? Absolutely. Honest? Never. His dishonestly has been proven again and again. Yet he refuses to confront his dishonestly.

  4. Question for Twitter users: BS now has at least 3 active Twitter accounts from which he is tweeting. Isn’t that a TOS violation?

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  6. I have NOT sent you comments. The blog sent you comments. There is a difference. The blog is an inanimated object of my imagination. I am an animated object. The wires in my head told me so. And they never lie.

    And I NEVER said that Lee Stranahan let his daughter die in a bathroom. Wait…ok, I did say that. But I NEVER published a murder fantasy about Ken White and Patrick Frey. Uh…well, alright…I might have printed something about them being brutally beaten to death. But I NEVER had 8 twitter accounts suspended! Hold on…was it really THAT many?

    Well…you all are STILL hairless nut sacks. Magic 8 Ball concurs.

    Oh BTW, I have a NEW twitter account. @TeamSchmalfeldt. Stop by, subscribe and comment!

    Schmalfeldt OUT!

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