Give It a Rest

Bill Schmalfleldt has experienced a great deal of pushback from the victims of his bullying this past year. Although he’s managed to beat the rap in each of the criminal charges filed thus far, he has been tagged in one civil case, the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt peace order.

He’s also been experiencing pushback on the Internet. I’ve lost track of how many times and how many of his accounts have been suspended or terminated by Twitter. He’s also had multiple web pages and whole sites taken down by his hosting providers because of copyright and other Terms of Service violations.

Let’s get back to the peace order for a moment. All Schmalfeldt has to do to obey it is to leave me alone. Yet, on the evening of the day the order was issued, he tweeted this—

DeepBrainRadio ‏@BuchananRick @Harada_no_hime @Xcitizen10 @Kimberlinunmask @AaronWorthing #wjjhoge DIAF
6:23 PM – 14 Jun 13

—which has never struck me as either compliant with the order or as an example of taking one’s loss and moving on. Meanwhile, just before his @BalmerLiberal account was suspended, he tweeted this (as quoted by a Team Kimberlin sock puppet):xri201309131932Z

Of course, Schmalfeldt hasn’t just walked away. He has filed a motion in the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt case to have the order modified. My lawyer has filed an answer in opposition. There will be a hearing in Circuit Court on 16 October. Schmalfeldt is also in the process of filing paperwork for an appeal. We will see if the Court of Appeals takes the case. He keeps tweeting and blogging that the order will be overturned any day now.ftrr201309131331Z

Last week, the Court of Appeals denied his motion for a stay pending appeal. I doubt that they did so on the merits of the case because I doubt that they examined them. Schmalfeldt filed the motion with the wrong court, so it was probably kicked on that technicality. However, if they had examined the motion on its merits, I suspect that it would have failed that way too.

It promises to be an interesting autumn.

Stay tuned.

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