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Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt has brought back his patriot-ombudsman dot com site again. My first reaction was to start a betting pool for how long it stays up this time.

Aside: At this point, the Gentle Reader may be saying to himself, “Wait a minute. Hoge said he doesn’t enjoy mucking about reading Schmalfeldt’s stuff. How does he know about this zombie site?” A fair question deserves a fair answer. He sent three comments from his site to Hogewash! just after 11 am, yesterday.

He’s posted a piece by Xenophon about Stacy McCain, and in that post she says this about me—

But William Hoge picked his own fight with Schmalfeldt, and offers no evidence that he was ever harassed by him.

Sigh. More nonsense. “… offers no evidence that he was ever harassed by him.”

Gentle Reader, if I offered no evidence of harassment, upon what did Judge Stansfield base his findings in the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt peace order case? I offered evidence in the form of tweets which the Cabin Boy authenticated as being his. I offered evidence in the form of my testimony. Furthermore, the evidence Schmalfeldt placed before the judge tended to corroborate my case.

I offered evidence, and the judge found that Schmalfeldt did engage in harassing me. That’s a settled matter of legal fact now. Team Kimberlin should stop lying about it.

2 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. They can’t stop lying about it. If they do then they lose any power that a FALSE accusation brings. They want that power, they NEED that power.

    For it is only that power through which they can keep lashing out out with. The entire case must be discredited as a FALSE accusation. Conviction means nothing to them…they had the same double, secret, exoneration trial as TDPK. They’d tell you more about it, but then they would have to kill you.

  2. According to Acme Legal, Bill knows that if he links to a story on your blog, an email is generated and sent to you. But because he doesn’t send the mail himself, he has decided it’s not contact. And if you want the emails to stop, you have to stop mentioning him.

    Few points…

    First off, that sounds a lot like coersioun to me. Nice blog you got there, be a shame if anything happened to it.

    Second, if he KNOWS he actions cause an email to be sent to you then that is the very definition of contact. HE is the one that initiates the process by which you are contacted. He might as well be pushing the send button himself. Bill Schmalfeldt. Serial lair and a man of very small character.

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