Fake Followers

Over the last 24 hours, around 20,000 twitter account have tried to follow my @wjjhoge account. Exactly two of them were real.

This sort of deluge of spambot followers first hit Aaron Walker (@AaronWorthing) a few days ago. Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) was added to the party a few hours after I was.

Stacy was not amused.

Neither was I.

I doubt that we will ever find out who is responsible, but whoever is doing it should consider the potential civil and criminal liability.

UPDATE—One of the Team Kimberlin anonymous cowards has a comment.

TK201309122346ZUnless someone handed me the ID of the culprit on a silver platter, I doubt that I would bother going after him. OTOH, given that Twitter was beginning the filings for an IPO today … I think DaTechGuy sums things up nicely.datechguy201309122359ZHeh.

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