Double Plus Unfunny

Some script kiddie is probably just full of LULZ because of the hassles he is causing folks like Aaron Walker and me. I picked up over 10,000 followers in about an hour this evening while I was making supper. This form of attack is used to get an account suspended by having the bot accounts report the target for spam.

I protected my account and ran my own script to clean the account. Some good followers got caught in the sweep. I apologize for the inconvenience. If you were legitimately following me before, please do so again.

UPDATE—Don’t try following again until the spambot is put down. I won’t accept an followers during the attack.

7 thoughts on “Double Plus Unfunny

  1. :sigh:
    Twitter really needs better controls on its ban button, the ability to manipulate it with little more than tools is remarkably poor for a service that claims to be world class.
    In any case, your counterscript seems fairly useful, perhaps you could point us to it once this is over in case any of us get attacked by less malicious random spam bots. (Heck, I could use it just to clean up my list from the one time I was stupid enough to mention “iPhone” in a tweet.)

  2. Twitter has lost control and seems indifferent to keeping Leftists in check.

    A friend of mine had accounts suspended when Twitter suspended all accounts which were on his IP! That means every single account he had logged into (including one of mine– I’d asked him to check out some dubious DMs for me).

    Some of the accounts have been reinstated, but mine (a backup I only used in emergencies) is still gone!

  3. I find it amusing that the Cabin Boy is complaining about you taking your Twitter account private. We know he reads your blog religiously, so he must know why you did it. Just another dishonest post from a dishonest man.

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