This is All They’ve Really Got

Since the peace order against Bill Schmalfeldt went into effect, the number of anonymous threatening or harassing comments to this blog has exploded. I’ve received well over 100 in less than three months. It’s fairly obvious that they are sent from members of Team Kimberlin. Some of them are not as anonymous as the sender hoped.

I’ve posted a few of them in the past. Most of them have been like this one that came in at 2:45 ET this afternoon.TK201309101845Z

If I hadn’t used the word in an earlier post today, I’d say, “Meh.”

However, over the last month or so, more of them have become outrageously obscene. This is one of the least offensive of that bunch.TK201308312147ZMany are much more vile.

Vile. Deranged. And, as Stacy McCain points out, evil. It may be a while before these thugs are brought to justice, but justice will win out in the end.

9 thoughts on “This is All They’ve Really Got

  1. Query: does schmalfeldt actually exist? Is he actually a guy wracked with Parkinson’s living in a trailer whose online identity is being used by TDPK as more lively than usual sock puppet? I would think it answers some questions of unseemly vitality and endurance and also would give TDPK a greater sense of license to act out with outrageousness without worry about recourse.

  2. Sorry this happens to you. Why post the emails, though? Doesn’t it give the bad guys power? If you ignore them they might stop emailing you.

    Best of luck.

    • You ask an excellent question. If I thought that they had functioning consciences, I would say the reason would be to shame Team Kimberlin. But that’s clearly not applicable here.

      I suppose the reason is to get the Gentle Reader some small sense of what the victims of these thugs have endured. What I’ve posted is on the mild side of what I see in my inbox, and it’s trivial compared to what folks like the Stranahan family have received.

      • I see your point, I just worry that you’re inflating their egos. One thing I learned on my blogs is to ignore the troll and the troll dies away. No one doubts what your going through, but I’d hate to see you inadvertantly encourage them.

        Stay safe.

  3. Sometimes the only punishment that can be expected is that these trolls have to live in the sewer they create for themselves, always looking for every slight. And when they don’t find one they make one up just to feel better about themselves.

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