The Other Case

I have avoided discussing the details of any pending cases. Since I have been informed by the State’s Attorney’s Office that they are dropping the charges, I can now write about the details of the second of the two complaints I filed against Bill Schmalfeldt for violation of the peace order issued against him.

Of course, I’m disappointed that the State’s Attorney’s Office decided not pursue the case, particularly given Schmalfeldt’s emailed confession to them that he posted on Twitter.BSemail2SAO

The civil case continues, but I doubt that I will have any substantive comment to make for a while.

5 thoughts on “The Other Case

  1. So what they did, even after a confession is pat him on his head, and sent him on his merry way. I’m really beginning to not trust the judicial system at all in Maryland.

    Good luck getting anything to stick…it’s obvious that nothing is going to be done.

    Now we’ll have a round of him suing you for bringing the charges up anyway.

  2. I have to admit, between this and Aaron Walker’s brush with the ADA who informed him that if he felt unsafe he should just stay out of Maryland (*great* tourism slogan!) I wouldn’t move to the state, even with a really great job offer, because I just wouldn’t feel safe. Letting cretins like BS get away with ignoring court orders just invites them to keep doing it, becoming progressively more outrageous with each refusal by the state to enforce it’s own rules.

    I don’t see CB becoming violent, but he knows unpleasant people, and seems to attract them. Is Maryland waiting until one of his “friends” decides to take matters into their own hands and drag this harassment IRL? I know if I were the subject of this, I’d never even drive through Maryland, since I’d not be able to believe that the state gov’t gave a damn about my personal safety. And if that required driving around Maryland to get to Virginia, so be it.

  3. Can’t say as I am surprised. Something is going on in the Legal system there and it is known Maryland is so bent left they practically can kiss themselves on their behinds.

    Dread Pedo and his crew have no Honor and deserve Gre’Thor. They are scum.

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