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The Cabin Boy doesn’t seem to understand that the trial coming up tomorrow concerns his behavior and his alone. He is the one who is subject to a peace order. I am not.

It’s a settled issue that the Circuit Court found that he harassed me. That won’t be retried. It’s a settled issue that the Circuit Court ordered him to leave me alone for six months. He’s asking that the order be modified, but unless and until that happens, he is supposed to stop contacting me. He’s also appealing the order, but unless and until he wins that appeal, he is still bound by the order.

The order doesn’t have any exceptions. He’s supposed to refrain from contacting me by any means. He’s not even allowed to try to contact me. The order also forbids his harassing me. Harassment is any course of conduct intended to harass, alarm, or seriously annoy. Schmalfeldt keeps going off on @ mentions and the like. Such an attempt to hide behind nitpickery won’t cover up his ongoing behavior that has been harassing, alarming, and/or seriously annoying.

Some months ago, Bill Schmalfeldt told me to stop contacting him, and since then, I have taken extraordinary measures to avoid sending him any messages. Of course, I still write about him, but I avoid addressing anything to him, not even rhetorical questions.

Schmalfeldt, OTOH, acts as if he has the right to ignore the peace order because he doesn’t like what I write about him. He has continued to communicate with me in violation of the order. He has also engaged in harassing behavior which he tacitly admitted was not done for any legal purpose.

The trial is about five specific violations of the peace order. Violation of a peace order is a crime in Maryland. If I’m put on the stand (and I may not be, the State could rely on documentary evidence only), cross examination would be narrowly limited to the evidence I offer. Of course, Schmalfeldt could call me as a defense witness.

I don’t know what will happen in court tomorrow. I hope it will be a continuation of the process of holding the Cabin Boy accountable for his behavior. We’ll see.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE—Unintended leftover from an earlier draft deleted.

4 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I was feeling very pessimistic earlier about the case being changed from a hearing to a trial. My worst case scenario has them refusing to prosecute. As I said though I am feeling more optimistic as the time grows nearer, and hope the Cabin BOy finally gets to reap what he has sown

  2. If the courts really won’t allow new evidence, the Cabin Boy will be very upset to find his Unified Theory of Mentions(tm) will not be heard. I wish I could be a fly on the wall for that. Actually it might be better for him to present it and be told Mentions are still contact.

    • He can introduce new evidence tomorrow, but his ability to do it during cross examination is limited. Cross examination is about the evidence introduced during the direct examination.

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