Perhaps Another Day

Over the last day or so, Bill Schmalfeldt has been fantasizing about nailing me for perjury when he got me on the witness stand yesterday. I hope he’s not too disappointed that he won’t be able to do that. After all, the State’s Attorney’s Office is dropping the charges.

Now that the case is disposed of (alas, not as I would have wished), I can talk about the details. What follows is the text of the Application for Statement of Charges that I filed.

* * *

On 14 June, 2013, Judge Thomas F. Stansfield of the Circuit Court of Maryland for Carroll County issued a Final Peace Order against Bill Schmalfeldt ordering that Schmalfeldt shall not contact (in person, by telephone, in writing, or by other means), attempt to contact, or harass me.

The order was issued at 12:24 PM on 14 June, 2013. The case number is

Upon information and belief, Bill Schmalfeldt is the sole user of the Twitter account @RadioWMS which is associated with his old-time radio website

At or around 9:44 pm on 7 July, 2013, Bill Schmalfeldt sent the following
tweet (message) via his @RadioWMS Twitter account.

RadioWMS ‏@cgable63 @wjjhoge @AaronWorthing @Kimberlinunmask @Patterico @rsmccain @Stranahan Let’s show this to our son. @bcot510
9:44 PM – 7 Jul 13

@wjjhoge is my Twitter account, and including “@wjjhoge” in the message caused it to be sent to me. Based his testimony during the hearing for the peace order, Schmalfeldt is aware that @wjjhoge is my account.

Additionally, Schmalfeldt attempted to contact me indirectly by including #wjjhoge within a series of addresses in other tweets. Use of # (called a “hashtag” on Twitter) causes the message to archived under the subject of the hashtag. #wjjhoge tags tweets to an archive associated with my name. Beginning at or around 6:23 pm on 14 June, 2013, Schmalfeldt sent the following series of tweets using his @BillSchmalfeldt and @RadioWMS accounts:

Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@BuchananRick @Harada_no_hime @Xcitizen10 @Kimberlinunmask @AaronWorthing #wjjhoge DIAF
6:23 PM – 14 Jun 13

[Note: DIAF as an Internet slang abbreviation for “Die in a fire.”]

RadioWMS @cgable63 <– @AaronWorthing #wjjhoge @Kimberlinunmask @Patterico @rsmccain @Stranahan would he do that?// I am the father of your children.
7:07 PM – 6 Jul 13
RadioWMS @cgable63 <– @AaronWorthing #wjjhoge @Kimberlinunmask @Patterico @rsmccain @Stranahan Siding with those who want me in jail?
7:08 PM – 6 Jul 13
RadioWMS @cgable63 <– @AaronWorthing #wjjhoge @Kimberlinunmask @Patterico @rsmccain @Stranahan That is a new category of “low” for you, Janina.
7:08 PM – 6 Jul 13
RadioWMS @cgable63 <– @AaronWorthing #wjjhoge @Kimberlinunmask @Patterico @rsmccain @Stranahan Especially since YOU know the TRUTH!
7:09 PM – 6 Jul 13
RadioWMS @cgable63 <– @AaronWorthing #wjjhoge @Kimberlinunmask @Patterico @rsmccain @Stranahan Shame on you. You dishonor your mom and dad.
7:09 PM – 6 Jul 13
RadioWMS @cgable63 <– @AaronWorthing #wjjhoge @Kimberlinunmask @Patterico @rsmccain @Stranahan You dishonor your children by siding with racists.
7:10 PM – 6 Jul 13
RadioWMS @cgable63 <– @AaronWorthing #wjjhoge @Kimberlinunmask @Patterico @rsmccain @Stranahan Just, shame on you. If you were capable of shame.
7:10 PM – 6 Jul 13
RadioWMS @cgable63 <– @AaronWorthing #wjjhoge @Kimberlinunmask @Patterico @rsmccain @Stranahan Tell these cretins why we broke up, Janina.
7:11 PM – 6 Jul 13
RadioWMS @BuchananRick #wjjhoge Thank you for your honesty. I will need to call you as a witness. Please provide your contact info ASAP.
7:33 AM – 7 Jul 13
RadioWMS @BuchananRick #wjjhoge @aaronworthing Since that comment wasn’t directed at Walker but at you, Mr. B., I will need you as a witness.
10:02 AM – 7 Jul 13
RadioWMS @BuchananRick #wjjhoge @aaronwalker Please provide me with contact info at once, and thank you for your honesty.
10:03 AM – 7 Jul 13
RadioWMS @BuchananRick #wjjhoge You just stated that one of the tweets I’m being charged by Walker with was not directed at him, but at you.
10:31 AM – 7 Jul 13
RadioWMS @BuchananRick #wjjhoge You will answer the questions you are asked, and you will please provide me with a method of contacting you. Thanks.
10:32 AM – 7 Jul 13
RadioWMS @BuchananRick #wjjhoge @AaronWorthing Irrelevant. Please quit dithering and send me your contact info. Thank you.
10:33 AM – 7 Jul 13
RadioWMS @BuchananRick @AaronWorthing #wjjhoge Assuming this gets past the State’s attorney, you have no choice in the matter.
12:16 PM – 7 Jul 13

The contact and attempts to contact via Twitter cited above are a violation of the Final Peace Order.

On information and belief, Bill Schmalfeldt operated an Internet blog called “@aaronworthing is a cowardly c*nt”. The URL for the blog is On or about 25 June, 2013, Schmalfeldt posted the following in an article entitled “Confused and Lonely Old Man Can’t Quite Seem to Grasp Concept”:

I put it to those of you who are legally allowed to contact Mr. Hoge to ask him, what would he like me to confront truthfully? What have I lied about? What have I been less than truthful about that he needs to know in order to keep his dry blood flowing through his shrunken, hardened brain?

This request for others to contact me on his behalf was an attempt to contact me in violation of the Final Peace Order.

* * *

That’s it. Yes, it was filed under penalty of perjury, and the Cabin Boy seems to think that he can find an intentional, material misstatement in it.

Whatever. There will be another day.

3 thoughts on “Perhaps Another Day

  1. Dammit.

    All 5 counts were dropped? I was afraid of that when it went from a hearing to the trial. Then the day before they drop the charges.

    All this is going to do is make ole Cabin Boy feel invincible. That he can disregard the peace order because it is not going to be enforced. Now I was thinking they would not send him to jail, but at least they should have fined him and gave him a warning that it was not going to be tolerated.

    What a blasted screwy system of justice over there in Maryland. A big fat nothing was accomplished.

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