Don’t Jump to Conclusions

I expect that some of the Gentle Readers are almost as frustrated as I am with today’s news, but I need to say something about the local authorities here in Carroll County.

At all times, everyone who I have dealt with concerning Schmalfeldt’s peace order violations in the Sheriff’s Office, the District Court, and the State’s Attorney’s Office has acted with excellent professionalism. I can assure you that at all times I have been treated fairly and courteously. While I’m not happy with what can be done (for now), I am thankful for the assistance they have been able to give me. Our county is fortunate to have them as public servants.

The criminal side of the matter is complicated by what’s happening on the civil side. That’s going to have to settle first.

Stay tuned.

13 thoughts on “Don’t Jump to Conclusions

  1. Disappointed, but not terribly surprised. I don’t think the legal systems have quite internalized the revolutions in communications and probably don’t really feel that events on social media are as important or impactful as IRL. It’s going to take some serious slogging to win through. Good luck.

    • This has nothing to do with the legal system not being “caught up”. It has to do with them refusing to reign in someone who is, somehow, useful to the left.

  2. I’ve got 2 things to say.

    First is: HI CABIN BOY

    The second I almost want to say something vulgar about at least getting a kiss, but never mind that. As long as the bad behavior stays on the internet, nothing will come of it. I believe that nothing will happen until someone or something gets physically hurt.

    • But the courts seem quite willing to believe that cyber-bullying can lead to suicides just as IRL bullying can, and I believe they have held online bullies responsible as if they had done it IRL. If one can held legally responsible for online bullying, online harassment and stalking should also be possible.

      Is it simply because Mr. Hoge isn’t some cute little blond pre-teen, and is unlikely to be suicidal over this?

    • They have held people responsible for bullying online as if it were IRL, so why they shouldn’t handle harassment and/or stalking the same way, I can’t imagine.

      Unless it is that Mr. Hoge isn’t a cute blonde pre-teen, and is also unlikely to be suicidal?

      • Thank you for the wording! But the stability of the target should have no affect on how the courts treat the perpetrator, at least in so far as the perpetrator’s behavior was not affected by his/her knowledge of the stability (or lack thereof) of their target.

        And sorry about the double post; WordPress was being weird when I signed in, and it looked like it had eaten the first version.

  3. It was the same with Deb Frisch, until she started harassing school principal’s wives and children, and impersonating public officials. Then they couldn’t prosecute her fast enough.

    Sigh. Eventually, the public officials will realize that if they can’t, or won’t, do their jobs, then why should the rest of is pay for them to occupy those positions? Hmmm?

  4. What jumping to conclusions? The evidence is clear — Kimberlin and his Krew are protected. A Democrat-controlled government will simply do NOTHING to reign them in, no matter how horrid they act. Someone at some level of the left finds them useful and worth protecting.

  5. Does BS have any priors? I suspect that this has a great deal to do with it. For an outsider this would seem to be a non violent/non drug tiff that is merely irritating. And as much as BS deserves pokey time, this may be a factor.

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