That’s Not How Twitter Seems to Work

When I got home from the engineering seminar I attended at Goddard Space Flight Center this afternoon, I found this in the Interactions tab of my Twitter timeline—wilsb8_201309091528Z

I didn’t have to “dig” for it by clicking on the Mentions tab. Also, when I checked by phone, I found this in on the Connect tab of my Twiiter app—phonephoto2103090901

It’s pretty clear that these guys don’t understand how Twitter really works. Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson’s tweets popped right up in my timeline. No “digging” was required.

15 thoughts on “That’s Not How Twitter Seems to Work

  1. That’s like saying you wouldn’t get those harassing letters unless you went digging in the mailbox. Contact is contact, it doesn’t matter if you have to work a bit to get the harassing contact. If their standard were to be accepted, that would at least mean that you could get away with harassing anyone who has a P.O. box. Nonsense, but of course, that’s not surprising.

  2. I’m sure his next strategy will be to blame twitter’s mobile site, rather than admit that he was pushing the line and crossed it…repeatedly.
    Last I saw, he was trying to test it with his krew…guess they never thought to test on a smartphone?

  3. The old Cabin Boy is squeeing up a storm. He just figured out that if you @mention someone that doesn’t follow you, the tweet goes to your Interactions. It’s like he had a divine revelation. I mean it’s not like he didn’t already post a screen print saying exactly that, but being Schmalfeldt he doesn’t even read what he screen prints and highlights. He must not even read what he posts. Still doesn’t make a difference. If you @mention someone it goes to their Timeline or Interactions. Either way you are contacting them. If this is the best Acme Legal can come up with…….

    • when he @ mentions me, the message goes into my Connect. i don’t follow him, and i don’t think he can follow me. i haven’t seen it on my Timeline, tho’. is that another area on Twitter?

      • Your Timeline is your “home” page on Twitter. This is where you see everything from people you follow. The @Connect screen shows everything where you have been @mentioned by people you don’t follow.

  4. Does the court make an audio recording of the proceedings?
    If so, I can’t imagine the resale value of the moment where a real live person tells him to shut up with his cockamamie theories and convolutions.
    I’ll be Twitter all day tomorrow to tell him how right he is and not to let the Man put him down because TRUTH is on his side and they can’t let him not tell his side which is the TRUTH. I’m hoping for at least a contempt charge.

  5. You people don’t know what you’re talking about! I never contacted nobody. And the the judge will side with me. I’m not gonna give away my legal strategy, but let’s just say that it might involve jello spiked with vodka. If the court room’s a rockin’, then don’t bother knockin’.

    And I don’t use ACME legal services. Why would I need a stupid lawyer? I have the Magic 8 Ball. And right now it is saying: “Reply Hazy, Try Again.” Hmmmm.

    So you tell Hoge that he can stuff his “evidence”. But not you Ali. You can gather all the evidence on me that you want. You have such smooth and supple skin.

    I am so lonely.

    Schmalfeldt OUT!

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