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Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt is subject to a peace order that requires that he

SHALL NOT contact (in person, by telephone, in writing, or by any other means), attempt to contact, or harass

me. He seems to be a bit confused by what the word contact means.

con·tact \ˈkän-ˌtakt, kən-ˈ\ : To get in touch with; communicate with

Sending any sort of message addressed to me by any means is contact. Period.

Schmalfeldt has repeatedly violated the peace order by contacting me, and, based on the evidence I’ve turned over thus far, he’s facing charges of 8 counts of violating the order. The preliminary hearing for the first 5 counts is scheduled for Wednesday the 11th.

The Cabin Boy goes to great lengths to strain gnats and swallow camels while pontificating about @mentions versus @replies versus whatever. Those nits have nothing to do with the questions involved in Maryland v. Schmalfeldt. Was there a peace order in place? And did Bill Schmalfeld get in touch with or communicate with me, no matter what the means might have been?

No one denies that the peace order exists, so the only question is whether or not Schmalfeldt contacted me. Did he take some action that resulted in a message being sent to me? For example, did he do something that resulted in this tweet appearing in my Twitter timeline?wjjhoge201308310113ZYou may want to click on that image to embiggen it. You can use your brower’s Back button to return to this post. BTW, that particular tweet is part of the second wave of charges that will come up in October, but it’s indicative of the sort of things Schmalfeldt has tweeted.

At the preliminary hearing, the Cabin Boy will only be able to ask questions related to the evidence introduced by the Assistant State’s Attorney. If I am put on the stand, Schmalfeldt can ask me about that evidence, but not other things. He’ll have to save that kind of examination for his trial. If the judge find it relevant.

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  1. Should also have the court note that I have Bill blocked and have for over a year. My tweets do NOT appear in his timeline nor his mentions tab. He would have to actively keep open two browsers or otherwise avoid the default state of to monitor/follow my Twitter account and then copy and paste that over to his main viewport to manufacture a pseudo-reply.

    The State’s Attorney will also be informed that I’ve never engaged in a Twitter conversation with him, so he has malicious went around the technical and social standards in an attempt to harass you Hoge and myself and others — you being the relevant party in this matter.

    Oh, and I already know Mr. Schmalfeldt’s explanation for this. But what fun is playing three steps ahead of your opponent if you’re not… well, three steps ahead?

    And how will counter sworn testimony from a Twitter, Inc. employee? He cannot.

    10 steps…

    • Cause it says right there that the response was to YOU. On the twitter. Not Hoge. Wait…what? You have twitter experts?

      Well, I have a bag of Chex Mix! And everyone LOVES delicious Chex Mix. If you think a judge will be impressed with some twitter witness, you’re a poop-flake. Cause I have party snacks! And everyone knows that party snacks trump experts witnesses every day of the week.

      I am now going to go pee on a Christmas card. I will probably die before Wednesday. Or not. I’ll check with my magic 8 Ball.

      Schmalfeldt OUT!

    • I am amazed by the sheer volume of @namechecking that the kreepy kimberlin kabal of kooks throws at you and the others they are obsessed with, but particularly with how much crap they throw at you. Where do they find the time? If every tweet unwarranted tweet were made into a sheet of paper, how high do you think the stack would be?
      Actually, Ali, that might not be a bad idea if nobody has thought of it yet to help make less internet savvy peeps get a more tangible idea of just how over the top the goon squad truly is: print out every single unsolicited tweet to a sheet of paper and bring the stacks and stacks and stacks of them that they will make into court so the people can see for themselves the kind of effort it must take for those crackpots to do what they do to you and my friends.
      Of course I am sure someone has already thought of this though, but I’d love to see the papers get brought in, like all those letters to Santa in Miracle on 34th Street style. 😉

  2. When the kreepy little freak known to Twitter as Breitbart Unmasked TwitSPAMMED me last year as he was obsessively sending deranged crap to Mr. Hoge, which ended up polluting MY timeline because Kreepy Little Freak sucks at Twitter and was harassing Hoge by repeatedly clicking ‘reply’ to a tweet that John had made to other people who were uninvolved with BK’s garbage, everyone John had tweeted in his initial tweet showed up automatically in the reply box on Twitter because that’s how the thing is programmed to work. It takes 1 second to remove those names so they don’t show up being @namechecked in reply tweets, otherwise you will be tweeting at those people too. I explained this to the kreepy little freak when I saw his lunatic spam trolling all over my freaking timeline in my one and only Tweet to the idiot in which I advised him that he sucked at Twitter and to stay the hell away from me. I then blocked him. He is too stupid to take good free advice and continues to fail at Twitter (and pretty much everything else), as do other members of the Kreepy Kabal of Kimberlin Kooks, such as Mr. Schalfeldt, who just can’t seem to help himself when it comes to his obsession for Mr. Hoge and Mr. Akbar. I have Schmalfeldt blocked as well, because I am aware of the complete inability of these people to stop @name-checking everybody who the target of their obsession happens to mention in a tweet that those kreeps decide to spam reply deranged idiocy to. Every time one of those jackals @namechecks a person on twitter, they ARE initiating a contact, it is like ringing someone on the phone, whether or not I have your # blocked on my caller id so your calls don’t go through or I have you blocked on twitter so I do not have to be bothered to see your nonsense in my timeline, every time you engage in one of those actions you are in fact attempting to contact me regardless of whether I allow you to succeed in your endeavor or whether you claim to be to fucking stupid to know what you are doing. People would be well advised to heed the free advice I have just offered up, and also, it is never a good idea to attempt to annoy me, no matter who you are or where you are, online or off, don’t piss me off. Just don’t even bother, you will be happier for having resisted the urge to do so, trust me on this.

    • I would suggest that what happened had absolutely nothing to an inability to understand how twitter works and everything to do with an intent to harass John Hoge indirectly by harassing everyone whom he communicates with directly.

      • I would suggest it even more fun to consider the possibility that they are that stupid before noting that we see through their veil of stupidity to recognize the underlying malice.

  3. Let me see if I can get this right…. Schmalfeldt already has a post up about this post. I can smell his fear pee! He is PANICKING! He is so stoopid he doesn’t realize how much trouble he is in. He is so skeered!

    Man, even trying to imitate the deranged freak leaves me feeling soiled. On to the interesting part..Apparently Ali is suborning pejury..or he is going to perjur himself. Not sure since Ali isn’t part of the State vs Schmalfeldt case. The below was written in response to Ali’s comment above.

    “Ali Akbar, one of Hoge’s co-defendants in Brett Kimberlin‘s lawsuit against the Defamatory Five, promises to commit perjury to help Hoge in his cause.”

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