The Amazing Xenophon

Over at Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it.), Xenophon has been trying impress both of the site’s regular readers with the idea that she is this generation’s Amazing Criswell. The real Amazing Criswell was a local TV personality in LA back in the ’50s. What little fame he had in the wider world was from his appearances in the Ed Wood howler, Plan 9 from Outer Space, and on the Jack Parr Show.

Criswell’s bating average on his predictions was someplace south of 0.0005, and that is only slightly better than Xenophon’s, so it’s not unreasonable for her to aspire to be in the same league.

There’s another similarity between Team Kimberlin and Criswell. Criswell originally bought time on TV for infomercials for his vitamin business, and that’s kinda like selling drugs.

Oh, one more thing …

Criswell wore bow ties.

UPDATE—Apparently, Matt Osborne thinks that anyone who disagrees with one of the Amazing Xenophon’s predictions should be added as a defendant to Brett Kimberlin’s frivolous suit against Walker et al.

3 thoughts on “The Amazing Xenophon

  1. Well good luck with that. First it would be great if he would have made note that my comment was NOT about a post related to the Kimberlin suit. Second in order to be joined to the suit, there has to be some demonstration of libel. That’s a stretch to say the least given I’ve never blogged about Kimberlin and rarely tweeted about him – mostly consisting of retweets and tweets clearly marked as “opinion” which is protected speech.

    Regarding the suit itself, I’m also not 100% clear whether the age of Kimberlin’s wife at the time he married her is undisputed. I know that I saw documents making different claims about that point in various places. If Kimberlin’s lawsuit gets to discovery this is clearly an area that will be explored in great detail. I have no idea if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

    It seems to me the lawsuit is not screaming “good judgment” or “legally meritorious” so far and moreover, the vacuous implied threat by Matt Osborne that I might somehow be joined to the suit for merely expressing my opinion on a lawyer I respect, is nothing more than a meritless thuggish attempt at censorship. I won’t allow it to keep me from making my opinions known and I hope others don’t either. I say this to anyone who thinks they can frighten me into silence – do your worst for I shall surely do mine.

  2. How hard is it to predict an upcoming lawsuit when your master tells you he is filing one? She writes for a website hosted by Kimberlin.

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