Looking for the Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt’s latest web effort (fighttherightradio dot com) got this result a around 8:40 ET this morning—nowebsite


UPDATE—First, a German-owned server in Belize. Then, a Network Solutions server in Virginia. Now, a Go Daddy server in Arizona.

Pro webmastering tip: Always get the new site fully setup and tested on the new server before you pull the old site down, and always change the DNS info before pulling down the old site.

UPDATE 2—Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. As of 11:15 this morning—down again.cantfind_ftrr

8 thoughts on “Again?

  1. I wonder if his wife is aware of how much he spends constantly shuffling websites? He just got one up and running and he is moving it yet again. I guess this post will prompt his usual bleating of “they are following me so closely. I’m SO IMPORTANT!!!111!!!!” Actually I’m sitting here laughing at his incompetence.

  2. I see he is claiming it’s a database error at Network Solutions. Since I’m not an expert on Internet Protocols can someone answer why that would cause the site to jump from host to host? Don’t you have to pay for hosting? Doesn’t you code have to live on the hosted server? So how does a database error cause the code for his site to jump from host to host? Hmmmm

  3. Weren’t the Krazies in Kimberlin’s Kreepy Kabal of Kooks all supposed to be like sooper hackerz and interwebz wizards? From what I have observed, they are not even competent enough to handle very basics of Twitter without effing things up, so where did they they get that clearly over-rated webutation and why do they even bother with all these contraptions and doohickeys that they obviously have no aptitude for?

    • They are kiddy-scripters, using third rate tools created by others.

      I’ve looked at Rauhauser’s sooper-secret “how to be a hacker” document.

      It was amusing, but pathetic.

      Having spent 30+ years as an actual white-hat hacker (finding and fixing security holes for major software and hardware vendors), I can tell you, with authority, that Neal Rauhauser is full of shit.

      Any claim to hackerz-fame on their part is strictly self-promotion.

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