5 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. “And I want him to know that it is I, Baron vladimir Harkonnen, who encompasses his…hey are are you gonna finish that sandwich?..doom!”

    The Harkonnens and their homeworld of Giedi Prime are feared throughout the know universe for their demand-journalisms and lawsuit fear-threats. You will pay! You will all pay!

  2. This afternoon, the Baron has:
    – made fun of the mentally disabled by calling someone a “retard” on Twitter;
    – pointed to George Zimmerman’s divorce as an example, I suppose, of why one should not take the word of a disgruntled spouse or soon-to-be-ex spouse. Ok, so every time he accuses his ex wives of infidelity, I will assume that he is lying. His standards should apply to his behavior.

  3. if you listen very carefully you can almost hear someone flipping madly through a library copy of Dune trying to figure out what a “gom jabbar” is. Hint: it’s related to a kareem-abduljabbar, the high handed enemy who strikes from above.

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