10 thoughts on “Is #BillSchmalfeldt Jealous?

  1. Earlier this week he said that he was “stoopit” and lived in a trailer park. Who am I to argue with the truth?

  2. By the way, it’s worth going back to Stacy’s post on BK’s suit and reading through all the comments again.

  3. Just a heads up. Tried to access the site at work as usual during my break and they had you blocked as pornographic. The dread pedo playing games?

  4. Same here. Although my company lumps “pornographic” and “personal blogs” in together for some strange reason.

  5. He tweeted some crap at me today as well. He’s apparently mad that I remembered being spammed by BU on twitter last year. Oh well. I am not responsible for the ButtHurt of assclowns who fail at the internet. That they stink at things like basic use of Twitter is their problem, not mine. Screw them.

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