Citizen K

CitizenKBack in the ’90s, before Brett Kimberlin’s parole was revoked, Mark Singer extensively investigated Brett Kimberlin’s background and his claim to have sold marijuana to Dan Quayle. Citizen K is the saga of a master drug smuggler, convicted bomber, suspected murderer, jailhouse lawyer, and media manipulator, whose story about supplying marijuana to a future vice president is only the beginning.

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UPDATE—Mmmmm. Popcorn.

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  1. It’s a creepy read. This book was finished by the time TDPK was sent back to prison on a parole violation, so there is no mention of that. Although there is a brief mention that he is in the clear because the Widow DeLong had not filed paperwork seeking the judgement in Indiana like she was supposed to.

    That couldn’t bee true because the Judge sent him back to prison on a parole violation for not paying her in 1994. He was finally released in 2000…although TDPK claims that he was exonerated at that time there is no record of any such thing. So we don’t know what, if any, obligations he was supposed to fulfill as part of that release.

      • Actually, there are still a few new unsold copies around. One of the sellers on Amazon claims to have some. It’s my understanding that Kimberlin received a lump sum final payment for royalties, so he doesn’t make any more money from Citizen K.

        I got my copy used. It came from the Public Library in Bloomington, Indiana, the town where TDPK was dealing when he was busted for perjury.

      • Any “new” books being sold on Amazon come from the warehouses/stores of the individual sellers not from the warehouses of the publisher. After 16 years, the publisher isn’t selling any copies that would generate royalties for DPK. And any “new” copies on Amazon are “new” vs used in that the person who’s listing them (a third party seller, not an Amazon employee) looks at the book and says, “Yeah, this was very lightly read, I can list it as new.”

  2. Some of his fanboys are claiming that Aaron Walker has lost every time he’s gone up against BK. Except, of course, for the decision that he WON on appeal.

    • Brett Kimberlin’s appeal to the decision to nolle prosequi Kimberlin’s bogus assault charges didn’t go very well either for the DPBK. Nor, has Kimberlin’s recent criminal charges of “harassment” gone anywhere either.

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