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Bill Schmalfeldt Here’s the new home of Fight the Right Radio. We had to switch servers because of Right Wing [redacted].
5:22 PM – 3 Sep 13

Right Wing [redacted]? Not exactly.

Cabin Boy Bill has been using images of me in various pictures that he creates for his blogs. Some have been silly. Some have been obscene. There’s one image in particular, the headshot from this blog’s About page, that keeps causing him trouble. You see, the copyright holder (not me) objects to Schmalfeldt’s use of his material, and he keeps sending DMCA takedown notices. A week or so ago, he sent notices for two such offending images. According to an email forwarded to me by the copyright holder, Schmafeldt was told by his hosting provider to remove the images or else. He did remove them, but, within days, he put them back up with the following statement.

At some point today we will see Mr. Hoge blathering about THIS post, demanding that I remove the images again, (And [redacted] him. CLOSE DOWN THIS SITE! I AM NOT TAKING THESE IMAGES DOWN AGAIN!)

That did not sit well with the photographer who owns the right to the picture, so he sent a second pair of DMCA notices as well as a third notice for another infringing use. BTW, it’s the photographer and not me who sent those notices.

Guess what the Cabin Boy’s hosting service did?

Yep. They pulled the plug on his lordofsatire dot com site.

I may be losing count, but I think that this is the third or fourth site since late July that the Cabin Boy has lost because of infringing either on copyrights or publicity/privacy rights tied to a photograph. He has had all that trouble because he refused to obey the law, in this most recent case, the Copyright Act, but he has a solution for that. He seems to be moving his stuff off-shore, probably to a foreign hosting service that probably will ignore DCMA notices.


Oh, one more thing … I’m also losing track of all the name changes for his Internet radio programming. For simplicity’s sake, I think I’ll go back to the early June name and refer to it as Derp Brain Radio.

5 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. When your ID-10T module goes bad, it’s a tough failure to rectify. You can reboot all day long but until you get the loose nut on that module replaced it’s just gonna keep on crashing.

  2. I see that he was asked for proof on Twitter of this “Right Wing (redacted)”. He has not provided any. Using his own standards (answer me or it proves you are lying) he is lying about why the site was taken down. Besides, when you are subject to a DDOS attack (assuming that is what he meant) the hosting provider usually has methods in place to get the site back up and running fairly quickly. Since he just keeps changing providers, it’s more likely that he is lying about why the site is down. So knowing the Cabin Boy reads your blog every 5 min, I would challenge him to show proof that the “right wing” did something that took his site off the net. And I’m not talking about legally either. Show us proof that the “right wing” DDOSd your site, hacked your site…anything other than legally filed a complaint that he refused to obey. Balls in his court. Put up or forever be known as the liar he is.

    • “Right Wing [redacted]” must mean “Right Wing [Proper and appropriate DMCA takedown notices that I chose to ignore].

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