A Non-Debate

I took a look at some of the blogging and tweeting spewing forth from Bill Schmalfeldt, and it seems as if he believes that he is engaging is some kind of online debate with me about his perception of the legal issues involved in the peace order issued against him. Gentle Reader, let me be clear about a couple of points.

1. I really don’t care about his opinions of the law. Neither his nor mine count for much. My desire is for him to begin obeying the court’s order to him to leave me alone.

2. If he is trying to engage me in a debate concerning the peace order, might not the court interpret that as contact or attempt to contact in violation of its order? See 1. above.

As I’ve written before, I don’t blog on the Cabin Boy’s schedule. I write about topics of interest to me, and I do it when I please. Over past few days, I’ve pointed out a few of the more significant defects that my lawyer and I have noted in Schmalfeldt’s “legal” reasoning. We believe that those errors alone doom his case, and we believe that they are not his only errors. I don’t intend to say much more because I don’t want to give him any further help refining his case. It’s in my best interest for my adversary to remain on his delusional path.

The courts will have the final say.

Stay tuned.

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