The Cabin Boy Demands

Bill Schmalfeldt seems to think that he is entitled to answers to questions that are really none of his business, and he gets all butthurt when we mere mortals don’t quickly tell him what he wants to hear.

The Cabin Boy has screwed up his pro se filings related to his appeal of the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt peace order. When this was pointed out by my lawyer in the Motion to Dismiss filed in reply to his motion for a stay, he accused her of lying in that motion. Now, he wants me to explain the whys and wherefores of the legal strategy to be employed to protect my interests against him.

No. I won’t do that. He will find that out in front of a judge, not on the Internet. Neither my counsel not I have any obligation to help him continue to harass me. He can always ask Acme’s Legal Department for their advice.

Bill Schmalfeldt is, in my view, a criminal. He has been adjudicated a harasser, and I believe he has violated and continues to violate the peace order issued against him. That is a crime.

bowtie_meI don’t intend to help him. I do intend to make it through to the end of this process with my good humor intact. To that end, I intend to continue to make fun of the risible part of the Cabin Boy’s antics and to grin and bear the rest. Until he’s brought to justice.

The Cabin Boy says that I’m going to have an interesting autumn.

Stay tuned.

11 thoughts on “The Cabin Boy Demands

  1. IANAL but I think one of the reasons States have bar exams is to ensure the lawyers that practice there understand the legal bureaucracy of State they are practicing in. I wonder if Acme Law is a member of the bar in Maryland. Maybe he should get his buddy Brett, or possibly even Neal to cough up some dough to get him a real lawyer so he does not make these sort of simple bureaucratic mistakes. Or not.

  2. Interesting, perhaps, but amusing, most certainly.

    Enjoying it may be a minor sin, but watching Bill repeatedly be-clown himself, and then become enraged by the dénouement, cannot be anything but amusing.

    It can’t ALL be someone else’s fault, now, can it, Bill?

    Facing up to being a major fucktard would take you a long ways to reclaiming control of your life, Bill.

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  4. I posted this at The Other McCain, but I’d like to pick people’s brains here, too. Feel free to correct my hypothesis.

    Schmalfeldt’s “Leave Brett alone!” tweet was the big tell, I think: in his deranged mind, his harassment is the “see how you like it!” tactic of 7-year-old children who think they’ve been wronged in some way. Like them, Schmalfeldt thinks that acting in what he perceives to be the same way will magically persuade Kimberlin’s critics to stop investigating him, that if they “know what it’s like”, they’ll “leave Kimberlin alone”.

    It never even remotely occurs to him that those reporting on the established facts of Kimberlin are reporting, not harassing or stalking. As far as I know, none have so much as even interviewed the Speedway Bomber himself directly. He quite literally (it would seem) does not comprehend the difference between legitimate reporting and stalking/harassment. Like a co-dependent child, he’s latched on to Kimberlin as a “big brother” type, and any criticism at all is an “attack” on the source of Schmalfeldt’s hero-worship.

    Most leftists are children in adult bodies, but in Cabin Boy’s case, it’s an actual medical condition. The manchild really does need hospitalization, because it’s pretty clear he cannot function in adult society.

    • I’ve only spoken with Brett Kimberlin on two occasions. The first was on 17 May when he cross examined me during the Hoge v. Kimberlin peace order hearing. The second was when I called me as a witness during the Kimberlin v. Kimberlin trial on 12 August.

      • From everything I’ve seen posted everywhere Kimberlin’s been mentioned, the only times *anyone* has spoken to him have been in the courtroom, usually after he’s thrown yet another frivolous lawsuit at them.

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