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BS201308311448ZjudgestansfieldAs the Gentle Reader can see in the tweet above, Sore Loserman Bill Schmalfeldt has been posting his complaints about a “bowtie [sic] wearing” conservative judge who ruled against him. Judge Thomas F. Stansfield of the Circuit Court of Maryland for Carroll County does often wear bow ties.

Here we have another example of Schmalfeldt’s careful, in-depth research.

Judge TitusThe Cabin Boy’s beloved U. S. v. Cassidy opinion was written by Judge Roger W. Titus (photo at left). Judge Titus was nominated by President Bush in June, 2003.

Of course, it is not only conservative jurists who wear bow ties. For example, here is the Supreme Court’s official photo portrait of Justice John Paul Stevens.justicestevensI can’t understand how Schmalfeldt thinks his strategy of attempting to try his various motions and his appeal on the Internet is supposed to work. For example, I’d never let anything like the following Twitter exchange see the light of day if I wanted to stay on the good side of the judge deciding my case.


Zoa Barnes is my lawyer.

I also wouldn’t have posted anything like this on a blog:

Hoge’s lawyer mopped the floor with us. The Circuit Court Judge sat, making “smoochy-eyes” at Zoa as she YELLED at me like a 3rd Grade Teacher to an errant student. Oh, my lawyer tried to get the judge to hear about how US v. Cassidy had a direct impact, but (and I hope I’m recalling this correctly), Zoa objected to Cassidy as irrelevant and the Judge sustained. So using the LAW as it applied in our case was out the door.

BTW, my recollection of the trial as refreshed by the audio transcript is that Ms. Barnes never raised her voice to Schmalfeldt and that she did not object to the Cabin Boy’s lawyer bringing up Cassidy. Indeed, she expected it to be raised and, when Schmalfeldt’s lawyer didn’t have a copy of the case for the court, she provided one for Judge Stansfield along with a clear explanation of why Cassidy had no application in Hoge v. Schmalfeldt. Judge Stansfield agreed.

It really seems that Schmalfeldt is making it up as he goes along and hoping someone important will believe his story. That won’t cut it when confronted in court by rules of evidence and the court’s procedural rules.

Acme Law at it’s finest!

UPDATE—I agree with The Doctor in the Comments—bow ties are cool.bowtie_me

UPDATE 2—Here’s a picture of Chief Judge (retired) of the Maryland Court of Appeal Robert M. Bell.RobertMBell

12 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Cabin Boy is just full of it. I don’t know how to publish screenshots of tweets, or conversations via twitter, but he replied to a tweet where I commented about his lack of self discipline in following the Peace Order. His reply was that he has not violated the Peace Order at all by contacting you.

    I’ve been on when he has sent tweets to you. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I’m not supposed to believe what I have seen, but what the Cabin Boy says.

    He also went on to send me, joined by BrietbartUnmask, several tweets, including a set where he explains how this is ruining his health. Uh huh…he never tries to hide behind his Parkinson’s he claims as he does exactly that.

    Although his final tweet actually had the truth in it,”Not that anyone should give a $*%! about my health…” I certainly don’t.

    • The hubris of Bill Schmalfeldt asking other people to empathize with him. Did the Cabin Boy show any empathy to the Stranahan’s when they lost their infant daughter?

  2. Southern lawyers who wear bow ties are considered part of the old guard and are deeply respected. I can’t say as I’ve ever seen a young lawyer sporting one, but an older lawyer representing a client in court before a judge wearing a bow tie is treated like a respected ‘elder,’ and you can tell the difference between how a judge treats an older lawyer with a bow tie as compared to a younger lawyer without one, usually because the judge has seen him many times and they have a relationship. They might golf together, go to the same church, or their wives might belong to the same club. A judge with a bow tie is part of the old guard and in most cases spent some time as a lawyer wearing one.

  3. i thought he wasn’t allowed to tweet/post pics of you. hadn’t you said permission was needed in order to do so? or am i wrong?

    • As far as I’m concerned, CBBS can use pictures of me as long as he’s not creating something obscene or pornographic. Occasionally, he is actually creative. However, the copyrights to some of the pictures he has used belong to third parties, and they have asked him to stop or have filed DMCA notices.

      I don’t care if he briefly quotes me for the purpose of criticism, that’s Fair Use, but I would file a DMCA notice if he pirated the complete text of a longer blog post.

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